English Channel

France ramps up Channel migrant patrolling

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Two additional vessels are being deployed in what the French Coastguard calls an 'unprecedented' move.

UK strikes revised deal with France on Channel migrants

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UK police officers will be embedded with their French counterparts in control rooms and on beaches and the number of officers patrolling the French coast to try to stop people setting off will rise.

Migrants die, the world looks the other way

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From the north of France to the Aegean Sea, from the Mediterranean to Mexico, the number of deaths at our borders is rising.  More than 24,000 people are officially known to have perished on the perilous Mediterranean sea route alone since 2014. Yet these recurring tragedies produce no reaction from our political leaders. In this opinion article Mediapart's Nejma Brahim says this casual acceptance of migrant deaths cannot continue.

French prosecutors probe after migrant dies trying to cross Channel

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The man, who is thought to be from Africa and was aged between 25 and 30, died in hospital in Calais after being winched from the sea on Thursday.

Why only secure and legal routes for migrants can avoid tragedy in the Channel

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The numbers of migrants attempting hazardous clandestine crossings of the Channel to reach Britain, mostly in overcrowded small dinghies, has soared this year, already reaching well more than double the total of 2019. Now the British government has called on the Royal Navy to assist the country’s Border Force in a move officials say is intended to make the crossings “unviable”. In this interview with Mediapart, François Gemenne, a prominent Belgian political scientist specialised in migratory issues, says that the situation in the Channel is comparable to that in the Mediterranean and warns that “the idea of closing migratory routes is absurd and dangerous” and “will lead to yet more tragedies”.

Body of teenage migrant found on French beach

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French politicians believe the boy, whose body was found in Calais, went missing while attempting to cross the English Channel in a small boat.

Child among 22 migrants rescued from Channel by French authorities

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Authorities were alerted to the migrants' plight off Dunkirk by a ferry just after midnight and sent out search and rescue teams.

France jails imam over Channel migrant crossings

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The 39-year-old Iranian national, accused of arranging several crossings from northern France to England, fainted upon hearing his sentence.  

French must do more to stop Channel crossings says UK official

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Call came as UK Border Force officials detained 74 people after 8 boats were spotted off Kent coast and two vessels were intercepted in France.

At least 40 migrants rescued crossing Channel to UK

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British and French sea rescue services intervened in the early hours on Christmas Day to bring to safety at least 40 migrants, including children, attempting to cross the English Channel to England in precarious conditions in five separate boats.  

French and British fisherman in 'Scallop War' clash

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A fleet of French fishing trawlers surrounded British boats fishing scallops off the Normandy coast, when heated exchanges included stone-throwing by the French who are angry that their scallop reserves, which they are prohibited from fishing between June and September, were being depleted by the British.

Russian warship squadron enters Channel, anchors off French coast

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The French navy said the group of Northern Fleet vessels were waiting for a storm to pass and were not holding exercises as reported in Russia.