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Covid-19: France sees decrease in intensive care patients

Official figures announced by the French health authorities on Thursday showed a slight decrease in the number of patients being treated in intensive care in hospitals for the coronavirus Covid-19, while the total number number of recorded deaths this year from the virus rose to 12,210.

Covid-19 deaths in France rise to more than 10,300

Latest official figures released on Tuesday of the Covid-19 virus toll in France reported 607 deaths in hospitals over the preceeding 24 hours, and a further 802 fatalities in care homes, bringing the overall numbers of those who have died in the epidemic since March 1st to 10,328.

The French military's belated response in defending its soldiers from the virus


In all “several dozen” military personnel in France have contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus since the start of the outbreak. The Ministry of Defence in Paris insists that measures to stem the spread of the virus within the armed forces have been applied “very rigorously”. But the accounts of some soldiers and defence staff on the ground tell a different story and paint a picture of a command structure unsure how to react to the growing health threat to their own personnel. Justine Brabant reports.

French hospitals braced for Covid-19 'tsunami' and choices of who dies and who lives

A patient being evacuated from the Émile-Muller hospital in Mulhouse, Alsace, March 17th 2020. © SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP A patient being evacuated from the Émile-Muller hospital in Mulhouse, Alsace, March 17th 2020. © SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP

Recorded deaths in France from the Covid-19 coronavirus by Saturday evening had risen to 562, with 6,172 people receiving hospital treatment for the infection, a quarter of who are in intensive care, according to official figures. But no-one doubts this is still a statistical calm before the epidemic engulfs France’s healthcare system, a wave forecast to reach a peak in early April. Mediapart has been talking to doctors and nurses around France about how they are preparing for a crisis many predict will be so great that choices will have to be made about which patients are admitted for treatment – as is already happening in the currently worst-hit region of Alsace.

Paris hospitals forecast coronavirus peak in April

Antoine Vieillard-Baron, head of the surgical and medical intensive care unit of the Ambroise Paré hospital in Paris said on Friday that urgent measures were underway to increase available beds for patients seriously ill from Covid-19 coronavirus infection ahead of an expected peak of the epidemic in early April.