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Are France’s working poor being left behind?

France ranks among the countries that most generously redistribute resources from rich to poor, and yet great disparities in wealth persist.

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French education inspectors lament failure to correct 'sexist' school environment


French education minister Vincent Peillon has repeatedly insisted that the issue of gender parity is “at the heart” of the government’s overhaul of the educational system, announced as one of the most important reforms of its five-year office. A study of the equality of relations, educational opportunities and performance between girls and boys within schools is the subject of a recent report by the French education system’s general inspectorate, and it paints a sorry picture of decades of failure to address a markedly unequal situation. Lucie Delaporte reports.

France set to enact sweeping changes to sexual equality laws

Proposals to include "ABC of gender equality" lessons for children as young as six and tougher laws on domestic violence and pay equality.

Women 'treated more leniently' by French courts


Men and women might be equal before criminal law, but not when it comes to their trial, where women are shown comparative leniency by sentencing judges. That’s the controversial conclusion of a three-year study by two French sociologists, Maxime Lelièvre and Thomas Léonard, who monitored the treatment of, and sentences meted out to, men and women in French courts. Michaël Hajdenberg looks at their findings and hears the conflicting reactions of magistrates and lawyers.