Anger as Parisians escaping city lockdown head to the countryside

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An exodus from Paris of the wealthy with second homes or those with provincial families to welcome them, hoping to enjoy greener environments with which to live out the nationwide home confinement order issued to contain the spread of the coronavirus, is causing concern in some relatively unaffected regions that the fleeing Parisians are bringing the virus with them. 

Carlos Ghosn and his taste for spooks

France — Investigation

Former Renault chief executive and Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn's secret escape from Japan on December 29th, when he was allegedly smuggled out of the country in a musical instrument box by hired former special services veterans, was as dramatic as his arrest there one year earlier on charges of serious financial misconduct. But the manner of his flight bore all the hallmarks of the use over two decades by the one-time titan of the world’s carmaking industry of private security personnel, both to spy on his staff but also shareholders and board members. Mediapart's Matthieu Suc, author of a recent book detailing Ghosn’s seeming obsession with surveillance, reports.

Tiger roaming Paris streets shot dead by circus owner

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The 200-kilogramme animal had escaped from a travelling circus that had just arrived in the south-west of the French capital and was sighted prowling streets near a television centre and hospital before it was shot dead by the circus owner.

Taliban 'Slim-Fast diet’ helped French hostage's escape

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Pierre Borghi, held captive for 131 days, escaped after losing 12 kilograms, allowing him to slip out of his chains and climb through a narrow window.

France jail break: prisoner uses explosives

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Redoine Faid, described as 'particularly dangerous', escaped from prison in northern France after blasting through five doors with explosives.