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Verbal spat heats up as French minister slams European Commission chief as useless

Trade minister Nicole Bricq said Jose Manuel Barroso was a poor choice for the job and had achieved nothing in his term of office.

Tempers fray in France as drastic cuts loom

Budget watchdog calls for new round of drastic cuts and an immediate freeze in public sector pay, warning public finances are badly off track.

EU's Barroso in 'scapegoat' spat with France

Accused of fuelling far-right nationalism, Commission boss says French politicians should not use EU as a scapegoat for their own problems.

EU hands France bigger media and culture say to keep alive US free trade talks

France has until now threatened to veto EU-US free trade negotiations due this summer unless movies and digital media are left out of the talks.

Most Europeans, especially the French, unhappy about EU

Nearly two-thirds of French people think the European Union is headed in the wrong direction, according to a widely-watched survey.

IMF warns France needs more reforms to close growing competitiveness gap with neighbors

The IMF, which said that it expects the French economy to shrink 0.2 percent this year, wants the country to reform its economy and labor market.

Francois Hollande tells European Commission it can't 'dictate' to France

French president warns Commission not to give orders after Brussels called for urgent eurozone reforms to avert a “social emergency”.

EU urges France to revamp pensions, rein in spending

In return for getting two more years to bring its budget deficit back in line France must start its reforms this year says European Commission.

France needs both reform and growth, says minister

At meeting in Germany, finance minister Pierre Moscovici says Paris still committed to getting finances in order, but not at expense of growth.

France declares austerity over as Germany offers wiggle room

French finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said the 'dogma of austerity' as the only tool to fight the euro debt crisis was over.

France to relax austerity as recession bites

European Union says France has slipped back into recession and will need two more years to bring its budget deficit under control.

Hollande gambling on election defeat for Merkel as French influence fades

Relations have plunged to a new low after François Hollande's party openly criticised Merkel's self-serving approach to euro crisis.

Brussels rebukes France on pace of reforms

EU says France’s shrinking share of global exports and diminishing growth prospects set to continue until country’s labour market is more flexible.

Germany and France shun UK survey

Blow for UK premier David Cameron as Paris and Berlin refuse to take part in review of power balance between EU and national parliaments.

MEPs want renegotiation of EU budget deal

The European Parliament has demanded further negotiations on the EU's multi-year budget, after national leaders agreed to a cut of 3.3%.