France, Germany find eurozone deal without UK

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The EU summit in Brussels sees agreement among eurozone members to a tax and budget pact after the UK vetoed modification of the EU Treaty.

France won't leave euro summit without powerful deal, says Baroin

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France and Germany will not leave this week's EU summit without a "powerful" deal to end the eurozone debt crisis, says French Finance Minister.

Cameron and Sarkozy in Paris talks on eurozone crisis

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The French and British leaders held talks to discuss the debt crsisis ahead of a crucial meeting in Brussels next week on the future shape of the EU.

EU farm policy debate pits France against UK

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European Union proposals on future agricultural spending set to trigger year-long debate among the bloc's 27 member states over subsidies.

EU barricades rise as dictators fall

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Following the arrival this month of thousands of Tunisians on the island of Lampedusa, Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini has warned that the fall of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi will open a migratory exodus of 'biblical proportions'. Carine Fouteau reports on how pro-democracy revolts sweeping away the dictatorial regimes of the Arab world have opened up an embarrassing issue for the European Union, which for years has relied on the despots of North Africa to help control clandestine migration from the continent.