France slams EU veto of Alstom-Siemens rail merger

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When it was announced last year, the merger was hailed as the birth of an industry giant that would compete with a formidable Chinese rival.

Macron’s EU influence in doubt as Merkel’s fades

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Merkel’s decision to stand down now as CDU party leader has forced French president to reassess prospects for critical relationship with Berlin.

Fury over move to cut French ports from post-Brexit trade route

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President of region that includes Calais, Boulogne and Dunkirk, urged EU to review decision to ship goods via Belgium and Netherlands instead.

Britain appeals to France, Germany to help avoid 'no deal' Brexit

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British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, who visited Paris on Tuesday, has called on France and Germany to put pressure on European Union negotiators in Brexit talks to respond more positively to the UK's propositions for a deal and to avoid what he has said is otherwise 'the real chance' of his country leaving the EU next year without one.

Suffocating jails, torture and forced labour: rescued migrants recount the hell of Libya


Late in June, after days of diplomatic wrangling, 234 migrants rescued off the Libyan coast while attempting to reach Europe in flimsy dinghies were finally allowed to disembark in Malta after several countries agreed to receive quotas from the group. Earlier this month, 51 of them arrived in France. Mediapart travelled to Toulouse, where some were given provisional accommodation, to listen to the harrowing stories of their experiences in Libya, where black Africans are subject to endemic racism and many become the prey and prisoner of vicious local militias. “If an Arab catches you, he sells you,” said one of the survivors. “When you are black, you are a commodity, you’re bought and sold on.” Mathilde Mathieu reports. 

Macron backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

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On eve of EU migration policy summit, French president says he favours financial penalties on EU states that refuse to accept migrants.

EU court orders Marine Le Pen to pay €300,000 for misusing funds

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European Parliament’s watchdog has said that Le Pen used two legislative aides who were on EU payroll for party’s political activity in France.

Election observer missions tainted by 'sexual predators'

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More allegations of international aid workers’ sexual exploitation of the vulnerable people they are assigned to help were revealed last week in a mothballed United Nations report into the extent of an alleged ‘food for sex’ scandal involving numerous NGOs. The Times report followed revelations earlier this year by the paper about how Oxfam covered up evidence that its staff were involved in sex parties with prostitutes during operations in quake-devastated Haiti. But the scandalous behaviour of some involved in worthy international missions is not limited to the humanitarian sphere, as revealed by Fabien Offner in this report into the allegations of the conduct of staff involved in election monitoring missions, and in particular that of some EU election observers in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006.

France seeks EU aide for firms facing US sanctions over Iran deals

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France's economy minister Bruno Le Maire has said he hoped the European Union would step in to compensate companies from among its member states who are targeted by sanctions which US president Donald Trump intends to introduce against firms doing business with Iran.

Macron pours cold water on Balkan EU membership hopes

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Macron’s comments will be disappointment to Albania and Macedonia, who are hoping for green light next month to begin talks to join the bloc.

France plots new non-EU European military crisis force

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New force would not be within the European Union and would allow non-EU, such as Britain, to be part of it, said French defence source.

France seeks to grab top posts in eurozone reshuffle

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President Emmanuel Macron's government has put down markers for its intention to field French candidates for two key eurogroup jobs as part a push to reassert France’s economic policymaking role after years of subservience to Germany.

Poland hits back at Macron’s ‘supermarket’ jibe

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Polish finance minister responds to French president’s claim that the EU is being used ‘like a supermarket’.

France's Le Pen put under formal investigation over EU funds

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Le Pen, who is being investigated for breach of trust, has previously denied any wrongdoing in a case that she has said is politically motivated.

May hosts French PM with pledge not to 'cherry-pick' in Brexit talks

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British Prime Minister Theresa May met with her French counterpart, Bernard Cazeneuve, in London on Friday, pledging that Britain will not seek to 'cherry-pick' in negotiations over leaving the European Union, and reiterated her her aim to guarantee rights of EU nationals already in the UK and said she hoped France will do the same for Britons living there.