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France to build 'humanitarian' camp for Calais asylum seekers

EU will provide €5m aid to help France build tented encampment for 1,500 people to replace existing 'jungle' of makeshift shelters.

France, Germany and Britain demand urgent EU meeting on migrant crisis

The three nations want a special meeting of justice and interior ministers within two weeks to find 'concrete steps' to tackle situation.

Hollande backs Merkel's call for common EU refugee policy

French president said current wave of migration from conflict areas in Middle East required coordinated response by 28-member bloc.

EU takes France to court over failure to recover illegal state aid from airlines

France is sent before European Court of Justice over 10M-euros given to low-cost airlines Ryannair and Transavia to use regional airports.

France's role behind Greek bailout deal

Analysts say that while Germany remains EU's senior player, the debt talks saga has shown France can still be a key counterweight power.

France and Germany unhappy with EU migrant quota plans

French and German interior ministers said EU plan to resettle migrants across member states should 'take better account of efforts already made'.

France's far-right Front National calls for EU referendum

FN's Florian Philippot says French President François Hollande should 'follow the British example' and hold a vote on EU membership.

France accuses British PM of trying to 'dismantle' European Union

As David Cameron embarks on charm offensive with European leaders, French foreign minister describes EU referendum pledge as 'risky'.

EU wants France to take in 9,000 asylum seekers

Number is France's proposed 'share' of 40,000 asylum-seekers already in Italy and Greece plus 20,000 refugees currently outside Europe.

France and Germany agree closer eurozone ties without EU treaty change

Deal between Paris and Berlin on tighter political union seen as blow to British premier David Cameron's own hopes for treaty changes.

French government rules out any EU treaty change for UK

In major blow to British premier's efforts to change bloc’s rules, French minister says attempt to change treaties would be 'doomed to failure'.

France backs EU plan for migrant quotas

Visiting Malta, French European affairs minister Harlem Désir said genuine asylum seekers should be relocated equally among member states.

Hollande invites re-elected Cameron to Paris

The French president congratulated the British PM for his election victory and invited him to France for talks on international affairs and the EU.

France mounts challenge against EU structural deficit targets

France, which has already missed previous EU-imposed targets, hasnow  announced smaller deficit reductions than demanded in 2016 and 2017.

French farmers uneasy as EU ends 30 years of milk quotas

France's dairy industry, which employs some 200,000 people, fears the sudden flood of extra milk will cause prices to collapse.