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France's far-right Front National calls for EU referendum

FN's Florian Philippot says French President François Hollande should 'follow the British example' and hold a vote on EU membership.

France accuses British PM of trying to 'dismantle' European Union

As David Cameron embarks on charm offensive with European leaders, French foreign minister describes EU referendum pledge as 'risky'.

EU wants France to take in 9,000 asylum seekers

Number is France's proposed 'share' of 40,000 asylum-seekers already in Italy and Greece plus 20,000 refugees currently outside Europe.

France and Germany agree closer eurozone ties without EU treaty change

Deal between Paris and Berlin on tighter political union seen as blow to British premier David Cameron's own hopes for treaty changes.

French government rules out any EU treaty change for UK

In major blow to British premier's efforts to change bloc’s rules, French minister says attempt to change treaties would be 'doomed to failure'.

France backs EU plan for migrant quotas

Visiting Malta, French European affairs minister Harlem Désir said genuine asylum seekers should be relocated equally among member states.

Hollande invites re-elected Cameron to Paris

The French president congratulated the British PM for his election victory and invited him to France for talks on international affairs and the EU.

France mounts challenge against EU structural deficit targets

France, which has already missed previous EU-imposed targets, hasnow  announced smaller deficit reductions than demanded in 2016 and 2017.

French farmers uneasy as EU ends 30 years of milk quotas

France's dairy industry, which employs some 200,000 people, fears the sudden flood of extra milk will cause prices to collapse.

French deficit figures mean economy is improving, says minister

After better-than-expected deficit data for 2014, France's finance minister Michel Sapin said there were reasons to be confident about growth.

Mario Monti says France has become 'big problem' for Europe

Former Italian PM said French economic decline and a rise in Eurosceptism and populism weakens Franco-German 'entente' and therefore the EU.

EU grants France two-year delay on deficit targets

In a third reprieve obtained by Paris, the European Commission has allowed France until 2017 to bring its public deficit to under 3% of GDP.

EU discontent over French budget deal

Officials fear leaving Paris unpunished for persistently failing to curb its budget deficit may make it harder for euro to weather a future crisis.

France told to raise VAT rate on ebooks

European Court of Justice ruled that France must apply full VAT rate of 20% for digital books as only print versions qualify for lower taxes.

Hollande fiddles while France spurns influence in Europe

A mini-reshuffle has taken place involving President François Hollande's senior advisor on the European Union. First the advisor was shunted to the prime minister's office, then it was confirmed he would remain as the head of state's 'sherpa' in charge of summit meetings in Brussels. As Ludovic Lamant and Mathieu Magnaudeix explain, this rearranging of advisors on the deck of state is symbolic of how, nearly three years after his election, President Hollande has shown himself incapable of presenting a clear, coherent and strong policy on Europe that would enable France to punch its full weight in Brussels. The result, fear some observers, is that France has lost considerable clout in the corridors of European power.