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EU seeks to stem rising tide of cheap foreign workers

Labour ministers agree to tougher rules on employing cheap temporary workers from eastern Europe after lobbying from France.

Germany and France close on banking union deal

France’s finance minister Pierre Moscovici says differences between Paris and Berlin are narrowing on agreement that will mean a 'real revolution'. 

EU adds voice to criticism of French reform pace

Commission gives guarded blessing to 2014 budget but says French plans are only 'partly adequate' for getting grip on public finances.

EU leaders in Paris promise jobs for "lost generation" of youth

Summit hosted by French president Francois Hollande pledges to make youth unemployment top priority but offers no new ideas to tackle it.

France to miss deficit target: EU

The latest European Commission economic forecasts say the French government deficit will hit 4.1 percent this year, 3.8 percent next year.

Fraud surveillance weakens as French customs forces dwindle

French customs staff numbers and ressources are falling sharply, mirroring an EU-wide decline in monitoring of surveillance of import traffic.

France maintains tough stance in EU-US trade talks

French agriculture minister Stéphane Le Foll tells FT that France insists that EC sets uncrossable 'red lines' in trans-Atlantic trade negotiations.

Landscape of French farming set to change

President François Hollande to channel EU farming subsidies to smaller producers and away from intensive, highly-mechanised producers.

France pushes EU to regulate U.S. internet companies

Ministers want to establish tax regime for digital companies that ensures the profits they make on the European market are subject to taxation.

French economic reforms can’t go any faster, finance minister says

Despite EU concerns, Pierre Moscovici insists pace of economic reform in France is already going 'at a very fast speed' and cannot be accelerated.

EU Rehn: France has much more to do on economic reform

EU's economics chief says France going in right direction but needs to say how increases in labour costs due to pension reforms will be compensated.

French public deficit 'to exceed 3.7% target'

French finance minister Pierre Moscovici has confirmed that the 'public deficit will be a little higher than expected'.

US 'spying' on EU – the differing views from Paris and Brussels

The revelation that the United States has been spying on European Union offices in America – and possibly in Brussels too – has sparked outrage across the continent. French president François Hollande has called for an 'immediate' end to such snooping and he and others have suggested the scandal could affect the imminent negotiations over transatlantic trade. There have also been calls from the Right and Left in France for Paris to offer the whistleblower Edward Snowden political asylum. However, as Ludovic Lamant and Stéphane Alliès report, the reaction from EU leaders in Brussels to the affair has so far been much more restrained.

French parties call for Snowden political asylum

Leaders from across political spectrum say whistleblower should be given refuge in France as president calls for US spying to stop 'immediately'..

French and German fury over claims US bugged EU offices

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said that if claims made in Der Spiegel magazine are confirmed, it would be 'totally unacceptable'.