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Three quarters of French 'against a return to the franc'

But poll also suggests that a higher number of French feel that the European Union has 'more disadvantages than advantages' than the reverse.

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Euro slips on financial markets fears over French and Dutch elections

The spot market appears to be bracing itself for the possibility that a higher than estimated score for French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in the first round vote may drive the euro lower despite the low odds of her winning the final round.

Far-right presidential candidate Le Pen seeks plebiscite for Frexit

Front National party leader Marine Le Pen, tipped by pollsters to reach the second round of France's presidential elections this spring, is making a French exit from the European Union one of her major campaign pledges, along with resinstating the franc as national currency within a euro-shadowing group of currencies with other nations disenchanted with eurozone policies.

Euro may not exist in 10 years, warns presidential hopeful Macron

Emmanuel Macron called for a euro zone budget to finance investments and to extend financial assistance to struggling member states.

Marine Le Pen calls for France to leave euro but stay linked

But to soften impact the far-right Front National leader proposed Europe could return to a parallel Ecu-like common currency unit.

Why France still controls ex-African colonies' currency

A Franc Zone banknote. A Franc Zone banknote.

France's African colonies were finally given independence around 70 years ago but one throwback to that era still remains – control by Paris of its former colonies' currency. The 'CFA franc', guaranteed by the French Treasury, is the legal tender in 14 west and central African nations. As Fanny Pigeaud reports in the first of two articles, many African economists are critical of the 'Franc Zone', which many feel holds back economic development.

Hollande's bid to reform the eurozone


Following the European debacle of the Greek crisis, French President François Hollande has called for reforms to the eurozone that include giving it budgetary powers and a parliament, and will soon meet with European Central Bank president Mario Draghi to discuss the issue which he hopes to place on the agenda of a European leaders’ summit in October. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

France calls for swift Greece bailout deal

Arriving at a Brussels summit of eurozone leaders on Sunday, President François Hollande vowed to do 'everything' to reach a deal within hours.

France recognised as key pacifier in Greek negotiations

After last week’s referendum in Greece rejecting bailout terms Paris played a key role in helping Athens say analysts and Greek minister.

Belgium skirts French attack in battle of Waterloo coin

Paris forced Brussels to scrap a 2-euro coin commemorating Napoleon's defeat, but the Belgians use EU loophole to mint a 2.5-euro version.

France wins latest Battle of Waterloo

Following pressure from France, Belgium has withdrawn its plan to issue a new 2-euro coin depicting Napoleon's 1815 defeat at Waterloo.

Paris takes issue with Battle of Waterloo euro coin

French government says a new Belgian 2-euro coin with an image of the memorial at Waterloo, site of Napoleon's defeat, is 'negative' symbol.

France congratulates Syriza on victory in Greek elections

President Hollande says he wants to continue the 'close' cooperation between France and Greece in favour of 'growth' and euro zone 'stability'.

French bosses call for more aggressive euro rate

Two prominent French businesmen call on ECB to lower exchange rate to boost competitivity and counter other currency manipulations.

France hits out at dollar dominance in international transactions

French finance minister Michel Sapin calls for 'rebalancing' of the currencies used for global payments after US fined BNP Parisbas bank.