How Greek bailout 'benefits Sarkozy'

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The €360 billion Greek debt crisis has, among other things, boosted French President Nicolas Sarkozy's chances of re-election next year.

Greece aid package boosts stock markets

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Stock markets in Europe and Asia rose after eurozone agreement designed to resolve the Greek debt crisis, with Paris up by more than 1%.

French Banks Pass European Stress Test

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The Bank of France said Friday all four French banks taking part in the European stress tests have passed, thanks to diversified business models.

French Plan for Greek Debt

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French banks propose plan to reinvest half the proceeds from maturing Greek government bonds ahead of key Rome meeting on the crisis.

'Euro bail outs heading into a wall' warns top French economist

Économie — Interview

Ireland has introduced its toughest austerity plan in history in return for a debt bail out by the European Union and International Monetary Fund. In an exclusive interview with Mediapart, French economist André Orléan warns such policies are "heading into a wall" and that Europe's "strategic inertia" leaves it "divided and powerless" in face of market pressures. It needs a New Deal, he argues, not austerity.