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French elections: Greens hope to win first region in 30 years

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Focus in this Sunday's final round of voting is on a few close-run races in Pays de la Loire in west and in Île-de-France.

France's Greens hope to turn summer wave into ongoing tide

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Regional and presidential votes in next two years will prove an electoral test for Europe Écologie-Les Verts’s claim of an ‘historic turning point'.

French Left and Greens jockey for position ahead of 2022 presidential election

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The dust has barely settled from France's delayed municipal elections, held in late June, but already elements of the French Left are on manoeuvre ahead of the presidential election in 2022. At the moment there are two main groups on the Left, the radical left La France Insoumise, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and an alignment based around the Greens, who did well in the local elections, and the once-mighty Socialist Party. But as Pauline Graulle reports, the political landscape is still very fluid.

French Greens realise that glass half empty is better than no glass at all


The green alliance Europe Écologie-Les Verts, which has two ministers in the French government, ended its annual summer gathering this weekend in better spirits than many had predicted. Some green-tinged policy announcements and victory over one of their government 'enemies' seem to have ensured their participation in President Hollande's socialist administration for some time to come. But in reality the Greens' 'successes' were little more than avoiding defeats. Stéphane Alliès explains.

French Greens seek insurance against presidential flop


Campaign managers for Eva Joly (pictured), the mainstream Green candidate in next year's French presidential elections, have hit on a novel idea to protect their party, Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, from potentially disastrous financial losses if she fails to score 5% of the vote. They are seeking an insurance policy, notably with British or US companies, costed against her performance in current opinion polls. Mathilde Mathieu and Michaël Hajdenberg report.