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European elections: where the French parties stand on defence and agricultural policies

The new European Parliament elected after final voting on Sunday will produce cross-national political groups, formed from alliances between the party candidates elected in each country. The parties standing in France, which has the second-highest number of seats in the parliament, will play an important part in establishing the political formations, which will have a key role in shaping future European legislation and the appointments to the key EU posts. So where do they stand on two issues that have been largely absent from the campaigning but which promise to occupy a central place in parliament’s future debates, namely European defence policy and the future of a common agricultural policy? François Bonnet and Christophe Gueugneau report.

European elections: results and reactions

The European Parliament elections drew to a close late on Sunday, after which the new composition of the 751-seat assembly will be officially made known on Monday. Following elections already held in seven other EU member states beginning on Thursday, France was one of 21 countries that held the elections on Sunday, in what was seen as a test of the national political power balance as much as the future direction of EU policy making. This is our coverage of the election night in France, and the developments elsewhere in Europe, in an election that has visibly, in the words of one EU commissioner, "broken" the monopoly of power in the continent's legislative assembly.