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Moscovici says November crunch month for Greece

Germany and France are determined Greece stays in the euro zone and that it makes "necessary efforts", says French finance minister Pierre Moscovici.

French PM Ayrault slams 'lack of vision' over euro crisis, calls for breathing space for Greece and defends fiscal compact

Jean-Marc Ayrault : " l'Europe est un combat " © Mediapart

In this first part of a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Mediapart, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc pledges his government will do its all to keep the euro alive, argues that a delay should be given to Greece to meet its deficit target and answers mounting criticism that he and President François Hollande have capitulated their pro-growth policies with the adoption, without any compromise, of the austerity-promoting European Treaty on Stability, Cooperation and Governance, the TSCG. The French Prime Minister, in an interview conducted in French and translated here into English, calls on the treaty’s opponents to come clean that they want to leave the euro, and claims the election of President Hollande has announced a re-orientation of European policy-making. “I am convinced there has been an enormous degree of political weakness and lack of vision since the start of the crisis,” he comments, adding that European leaders are “beginning to be conscious of the major risks into which we will be plunged if Greece leaves the euro.”

Cameron ignites new war of words with France

UK PM David Cameron slams French President François Hollande's plans to raise taxes on the wealthy while meeting business leaders at G-20 summit.

IMF chief Lagarde slammed over 'payback time for tax-dodging Greeks' comments

IMF head Christine Lagarde, a former French finance minister, causes uproar for saying Greeks were tax-dodgers for whom crisis was payback time.

OECD backs French calls for eurobond issue

The OECD backs France's call for the issue of jointly-guaranteed eurobonds and for the European Investment Bank to be given more resources.

Greek euro exit 'won't sink French banks': Bank of France governor

No French banking group is in danger even in the "extreme" scenario that Greece leaves the euro, says the Governor of the Bank of France.

European markets slide over political uncertainty in France, Holland

European stock markets and the euro tumbled Monday over political uncertainty in two key euro-zone countries, France and the Netherlands.

France boosted by Moody’s, seeks to brush off S&P’s downgrade

Ratings agency Moody's maintains triple-A rating for France, despite the downgrade inflicted on the country by Standard & Poor's last Friday.

France loses an 'A' but gains a true election debate

Le 9 décembre. © Elysé Le 9 décembre. © Elysé

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s announced Friday that it had downgraded France’s triple-A credit rating to AA+. Mediapart editor François Bonnet argues here that the downgrade has stripped bare President Nicolas Sarkozy’s attempts, as he prepares to announce his candidature for re-election in April, to hide the amplitude of the economic crisis and his own failures in Europe and at home.

Eurozone thrown into new crisis after France loses AAA rating

Europe plunges into a fresh crisis after France was stripped of its coveted AAA rating in a mass downgrade of at least half a dozen eurozone countries.

France confirms loss of top AAA credit rating

French finance minister François Baroin has confirmed that France has lost its top AAA credit rating from ratings agency Standard & Poor's.

Merkel, Sarkozy stress growth a eurozone priority, call for quick Greek accord

The German and French leaders turn tack on austerity measures, insisting that boosting economic growth in the 17-nation eurozone is a priority.

UK deputy PM Nick Clegg slams French PM Fillon for 'unacceptable' comments

British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told the French prime minister that steps should be taken to "calm the rhetoric" on the UK economy.

Fitch revises outlook on France to 'negative'

Ratings agency Fitch has affirmed France's top-notch AAA credit rating but has revised its outlook on the country to "negative" from "stable".

Angry salvos sail across the Channel on euro pact

To the long list of victims emerging from Europe's financial crisis, make room for a new one, namely the Entente Cordiale between Britain and France.