Eurozone debt crisis

Hollande, Monti meet at start of critical week for euro

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Italian PM Mario Monti and French President François Hollande meet ahead of critical ECB initiative to save the euro to be unveiled Thursday.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain agree growth package

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French president François Hollande is joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in proposing 125 billion-euro growth pact in eurozone.

France pushes for 120bln-euro Europe 'growth pact'

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France sends EU leaders proposals for a 120 billion-euro 'growth pact', including a financial transaction tax it wants Europe to adopt this year.

France and Germany go into battle over eurobonds

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Germany counters French call for common eurozone bonds, ahead of a key EU summit hoping to find for new measures to tackle bloc's debt crisis.

Greek radical-left leader Tsipras visits Paris amid 'wind of change'

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Greek radical-left leader Alexis Tsipras told a news conference in Paris that Europe must focus on policies based on social cohesion and solidarity.

Sarkozy, Merkel pile pressure on Greece

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France and Germany warn Greece it won't receive new bailout funds next month unless it implements austerity measures imposed by EU and IMF.

Fitch insists no triple-A downgrade expected for France

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Ratings firm Fitch says France is not in crisis and it will not downgrade its triple-A rating unless its debt is sharply increased by eurozone woes.

Sarkozy and Merkel in reworking of sketch 'Dinner For One'

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A 1963 British comedy sketch which is cult New Year's Eve viewing in Germany inspires YouTube hit featuring Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel.

French foreign minister plays down cross-Channel spat

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Alain Juppé tries calming tensions between London and Paris by insisting there was no French strategy to antagonise the British over economy jibes.

France targets UK credit rating

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France's Prime Minister François Fillon and central bank chief broke protocol to say the ratings agencies should target London before Paris.

Sarkozy crows but no sunrise for the euro

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A week on, it is clear the ultimate crisis summit delivered little to end the onslaught on the euro, writes The Times' Brussels correspondent.

Why Europe needs an FDR

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Under Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, all Europe can look forward to is years of unemployment and falling living standards, argues Neil Clark.

French ministers begin open attacks on British EU veto

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French ministers begin open slamming of Britain's use of its veto at an EU summit on Friday, ahead of David Cameron's much-awaited parliamentary speech.

Moody's downgrades French banks

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Moody's gives Société Générale and Crédit Agricole their second downgrade in under three months, citing poor funding conditions and debt exposure.

France, Germany find eurozone deal without UK

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The EU summit in Brussels sees agreement among eurozone members to a tax and budget pact after the UK vetoed modification of the EU Treaty.