Eurozone debt crisis

De Gaulle's vision of Europe, relayed by Fischer, lies slaughtered by sharks

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Amid the spectre of the euro collapsing as the debt crisis deepens, the words of General Charles de Gaulle, one of the original protagonists of pan-European cooperation, have a prophetic ring. "Do we, or do we not, want the Common Market to be supplemented by a political organisation without which economic construction will ultimately decline?" he asked in 1962. Antoine Perraud argues that it is time to rediscover de Gaulle's vision of a Europe united by political action and not finance, a vision that was paradoxically later championed not by the General's so-called political heirs in France, but by German Green Joschka Fischer.

France and Germany call for tougher Europe treaty

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The leaders of France and Germany, meeting in Paris on Monday, have called for a revised EU treaty to deal with the eurozone debt crisis.

Euro was doomed from start, says Jacques Delors

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Errors made when the euro was created had doomed the single currency to the current debt crisis says former EC president Jacques Delors.

French downgrade could derail eurozone rescue

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In another blow to Europe's beleaguered rescue fund, speculation is growing that France will eventually lose its top-tier AAA credit rating.

France may have entered short, shallow recession, says OECD

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The OECD warns that the eurozone debt crisis may have pushed France into recession, with growth and unemployment figures set to miss targets.

France faces further clash with Germany over push for ECB backstop

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French finance minister François Baroin risked a further clash with Germany arguing that ECB support for Europe's recue fund is the best solution.