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Eurozone 'cannot risk Greek exit' says French PM

Hours before a key summit meeting in Brussels, Manuel Valls said there could be 'no taboo subject' in talks to keep Greece within the eurozone.

Greece is not leaving the euro zone says French minister

Finance minister Michel Sapin insisted there would be no 'Grexit' despite collapse of latest talks and a referendum in Greece.

French and German economy ministers call for radical integration of eurozone

Emmanuel Macron and Sigmar Gabriel publish a joint op-ed calling for a common treasury for the eurozone with power to set taxation policies.

French economy leads eurozone growth increase, outpacing US and UK

French economic growth in first quarter was an unforecast 0.6%, the highest in eurozone, while German growth fell and Greek economy shrank.

France economy 'lost in stagnation' as eurozone's growth slows again

France was said to be the main drag on growth in key index of private sector activity in the single currency bloc as activity in German also slows.

Why France shows courage in diagnosing its economic ills

Since 1999, France has a more impressive record on economic growth, productivity and financial sector stability than many eurozone peers.

‘France is finished’ says senior UK retail executive

John Lewis managing director told meeting: 'I have never been to a country more ill at ease - nothing works and nobody cares about it.'

France and the shadow of the euro

While the collapse of the French government highlighted policy divisions and personal ambitions, the cause is the crisis in the eurozone.

Merkel slams France and Italy for snubbing fiscal targets

The German chancellor said eurozone's faltering growth was due to its inability to punish 'those countries that break the rules'.

French government ‘disarray’ in face of an alarming economic scenario


Just before French government members left on their two-week summer holidays earlier this month, they met with President François Hollande for a confidential seminar in which they were presented with an alarming set of economic figures and forecasts that promise dark times when they return to work on August 18th. The deflationist spiral into which Europe is being drawn threatens to destroy all hope of France recovering growth, reducing already chronic unemployment, or of straightening its public accounts. Just as worryingly, the government appears divided and dithering over the policy direction to be adopted to avoid what some business leaders predict could become a new and catastrophic crisis by 2015. Mediapart’s economic and business affairs correspondent Martine Orange reports.

French PM attacks eurozone's policies and warns of deflation

Manuel Valls says the eurozone's economic policies are not effective, adding that there will be 'difficult' months ahead for Europe.

Eurozone recovery losing steam as France struggles

French business activity contracted further in June, stoking fears that Europe's attempts to kickstart lasting economic growth is losing momentum. 

France’s exports slip as eurozone sees more signs of economic recovery

Analysts fear a weak manufacturing sector in France could hold back output across the rest of the Eurozone.

Economic growth in France, Germany hauls eurozone out of recession

Unexpected second-quarter economic growth of 0.5% in France, 0.7% in Germany sees eurozone grow overall 0.3%, ending18-month recession.

London hedge fund boss warns of 'higher plane' French crisis

Billionaire boss of CQS writes to investors warning French economic and social unrest that could take the eurozone’s troubles 'to a higher plane'.