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Macron says France talking to Taliban about further evacuations

Speaking from Iraq, where he is ona 48-hour visit this weekend,  French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris was in 'fragile and provisional' talks with Taliban officials about future evacuations of Afghan civilians to France, which have now been suspended, and also pledged that his country would maintain a military presence in Iraq 'no matter what choices the Americans make'.

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French officials meet Taliban to discuss Kabul evacuations

The French foreign ministry and a Taliban spokesman have confirmed they have been in talks about further evacuations of people from Kabul, while Paris has hinted it may extend its original Friday evening deadline for ending the operations.

France to halt Kabul evacuations after Friday evening

France's Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced that evacuations of French nationals and Afghan civilians will end on Friday evening, four days before the deadline set for US forces to leave Afghanistan.

Mass evacuations from wildfires on French Mediterranean coast

Buildings and vehicles were destroyed and almost 3,000 people evacuated in the area surrounding the southern town of Martigues, near Marseille, where forest fires spreading at a speed estimated by firefighters as 8kph erupted on Tuesday before being finally contained on Wednesday. 

French government launches new wave of crackdowns on Roma camps


French police evicted some 200 Roma gypsy migrants from makeshift camps close to Lille on August 9th, in an early morning operation that followed several other forced evictions of Roma from settlements in Paris and Lyon in recent days. The evictions in Lyon led to 240 of the homeless Roma being sent back to Romania by plane, which French officials described as a voluntary repatriation. The moves have outraged French associations campaigning for the rights of Roma, who accused the new socialist government of continuing with the stigmatizing policies of its conservative predecessors.