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The Beirut mega-blast: a reconstruction of the timeline of an avoidable tragedy

By Forensic Architecture and Mada Masr
An image taken seconds before the mega-blast in the port of Beirut on August 4th 2020, as analysed by Forensic Architecture. © Forensic Architecture © FA An image taken seconds before the mega-blast in the port of Beirut on August 4th 2020, as analysed by Forensic Architecture. © Forensic Architecture © FA

On August 4th this year, a huge explosion ripped through the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut and the surrounding city neighbourhoods, killing more than 200 people, wounding more than 6,500 others and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. It was so powerful that the shockwaves and tremors it caused were recorded hundreds of kilometres away. Now, London-based independent research group Forensic Architecture has produced a remarkable video report with 3D imaging, using documented evidence and expert input, to piece together a precise chronology of the multiple causes of the explosion, and which Mediapart presents here.

French man blows up house trying to swat a fly

An elderly man in the Dordogne region of south-west France escaped with slight burns after he blew up his kitchen and damaged the roof of his house when swatting an irritating fly with an electric racket that set off a blast from a gas leak, while the fate of the fly is unknown.

French police arrive in Lebanon to investigate explosion

Lebanese protesters and the international community have called for an impartial investigation into the incident that killed more than 170 people and injured thousands.

Macron to visit blast-hit Beirut on Thursday

French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Lebanon on Thursday to meet with the country's political leaders, 48 hours after a huge explosion devastated parts of Beirut where France has already sent teams of rescuse workers, engineers and medical equipment.

French volunteers find fragments from exploded airliner engine

A search by about 150 volunteers in eastern France, following an appeal for help from French air accident investigation agency, the BEA, have found titanium fragments of a Pratt & Whitney engine from an Airbus 220 that exploded mid-flight this summer, the third such incident this year. 

Suspected parcel bomb explosion wounds 13 on Lyon street

Eye witnesses reported seeing a man leave a package outside a bakery store on a pedestrian street in the city of Lyon, south-east France, shortly before an explosion that wounded 13 passers-by, including a child.

Several injured in blast at grain silo in Strasbourg

A grain silo in the eastern French city of Strasbourg with a storage capacity of 400,000 tonnes was wrecked by an apparently accidental explosion early on Wednesday which left at least three people seriously injured.

Engine parts from Air France flight found in Greenland

Parts from an Air France A380 aircraft which was forced to land at Canada's Goose Bay airfield on September 30th after one of its four jet engines exploded over the Atlantic Ocean mid-flight from Paris to Los Angeles have been found in Greenland.

Explosion at French reactor: no nuclear risk, say officials

A senior local official said the blast at the site in northern France was a 'significant technical event' but was not a 'nuclear accident'.

Building in Dijon collapses after 'gas explosion'

At least 14 people were injured, two seriously, when an apartment block was reduced to rubble in an explosion after an apparent gas leak in the centre of Dijon in east-central France on Friday.

Toll of mine attack on French soldiers in Mali rises to three dead

One soldier was killed instantly and two more have died from wounds sustained when their armoured vehicle set off a landmine in northern Mali.

At least six dead in Paris suburb building explosion

At least two children were among the dead in what appeared to be an accidental gas explosion in Rosny-sous-Bois that left 11 others injured.

One killed, several injured in Paris theatre blast

Around 15 others were injured, one seriously, after an explosion during rehearsals for a musical show that uses pyrotechnics.

At least two dead in explosion in block of flats in Reims

At least two people died and another ten were injured when the blast, reportedly caused by a gas leak, partly destroyed the building in Reims.

Explosion at French nuclear plant of Marcoule

One person was killed and four others injured, one seriously, by an explosion at the southern French nuclear plant of Marcoule, near Avignon.