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Paris minicab driver investigated over stash of explosives

A minicab driver suspected of burglary at home of clients he left at airport was found to be in posession of dynamite and a phone displaying Islamic State flag.

Grenades, plastic explosives and detonators stolen from French military base

The theft at the high-security Miramas base in southern France is thought to have happened overnight Sunday when part of a fence was cut open.

Chechens arrested in southern France for posession of explosives

The five Russian citizens are reportedly connected to organised crime and are not believed to have been planning a terrorist operation.

French police 'lose' explosives at Marseille airport

Sniffer dogs failed to find explosives during a training exercise and then gendarmes apparently forgot where they had hidden them.

France jail break: prisoner uses explosives

Redoine Faid, described as 'particularly dangerous', escaped from prison in northern France after blasting through five doors with explosives.