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France widens curfew measures as Covid-19 epidemic soars

As the numbers of Covid-19 infections and hospitalisations soar in France, Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday announced  9pm-6am curfew measures, aleady in place in Paris and eight other cities to limit public socialising, will now include a vast swathe of the country, representing two thirds of the population.

Macron prolongs lockdown into May, admits France was unprepared

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday that the current national lockdown on public movement to contain the Covid-19 virus epidemic has been extended to May 11th, after which he forecast a gradual return to activity, while he also admitted that France had been insufficiently prepared for the health crisis.   

French parliament votes to extend state of emergency powers

The fourth extension of state of emergency, first introduced after the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, prolongs the wide-ranging powers until January.

French parliament to debate new extension of state of emergency

The fourth polongation of state of emergency likely to last until 2017, giving police sweeping powers for searches and facilitating house arrest orders.

France extends state of emergency for further three months

French parliament approved a second extension of the powers, introduced after the November 13th Paris terrorist attacks, until May 26th.

France aims to keep state of emergency until Islamic State is defeated

'As long as the threat is there, we must use all available means' said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls arguing for longterm special powers.

The 'dangerous ideas' of extending France's state of emergency powers

In an editorial, The New York Times argues strongly against moves by Paris to adopt powers that 'threaten the civil rights of an entire nation'.

Indian students in France allowed two years' residence after studies end

The reciprocal agreement between France and India will allow their nationals in either country a 24-month extension of visas post-studies.

French MPs approve extending military mission in CAR

French parliament votes in favour of lengthening peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic, as inter-religious violence worsens.

Will mooted French ban on smoking in open spaces end up beached?

Health minister wants ban on smoking in open public spaces, including beaches, parks and campuses, but anti-tobacco campaigners are sceptical.