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Wearing face masks becomes compulsory in France this Monday

As of today, the wearing of face masks is now compulsory in all 'indoor public spaces' with fines of €135 for non-compliance but the prime minister still has to clarify the places concerned.

Mask-wearing compulsory indoors in public from next week

The masks, obligatory on collective transport until now, will become compulsory in all indoor places frequented by the public, prime minister Jean Castex said in the Senate.

Masks ‘in enclosed public spaces’ to become mandatory in France

President Macron, speaking on  Bastille Day, also said he wanted COVID-19 testing available for everyone, without having to be referred by a doctor.

France ‘considering’ tightening rules over wearing face masks

New prime minister Jean Castex said the main focus was on indoor spaces; currently face masks are mandatory on public transport.

French bus driver attacked in 'altercation over masks' dies

A 59-year-old bus driver in the south-west French town of Bayonne who was beaten and left brain dead by a group of men passengers on Sunday allegedly in a row over their refusal to wear face masks as required by law, died on Friday in hospital.

France to allow religious gatherings to resume - with face masks

Collective worship will have to observe conditions, including the wearing of masks, a distance of at least one metre between worshippers and hand-washing.

French face mask factory works 7/7 to meet coronavirus demand

A factory in north-west France producing medical face masks, normally at a rate of 100 million per year, is working round the clock to meet demand from pharmacies and hospitals in Europe and Asia as the deadly coronavirus outbreak continues to spread.