French unions warn of 'social timebomb' over Daimler sale of Smart factory


German carmaking giant Daimler, owner of Mercedes-Benz, announced last month that it was to sell off its factory in Hambach, north-east France, where the Smart city car, another of the group’s marques, has been produced since 1997. Five years ago, staff at the plant accepted a management plan to abandon the legal 35-hour week, working a 39-hour week (excluding overtime) in return for job security. But now the 1,600 jobs at the site, turned over to making electric versions of the city car, are at risk, with just one potential purchaser in view: British company Ineos, which plans to produce a diesel-guzzling offroader. Dan Israel reports.

French face mask factory works 7/7 to meet coronavirus demand

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A factory in north-west France producing medical face masks, normally at a rate of 100 million per year, is working round the clock to meet demand from pharmacies and hospitals in Europe and Asia as the deadly coronavirus outbreak continues to spread.

French decapitation attack suspect was on 'radicalisation list'

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However, Yassin Salhi, 35, a father of three, had not been actively monitored by security officers since 2008 say French authorities.

Activists block 1,000-cow dairy farm in France

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Protestors chain themselves to posts to stop building of farm in Somme which they liken to 'factory farming' and say will destroy the countryside.

Opposition grows to 'biggest farm ever built in France'


It is known as the farm of a thousand cows. Work has begun to build a huge dairy farm in northern France that will produce up to 8.5 million litres of milk a year and run a methane power plant. Supporters of the intensive farming project say it is the most efficient way to farm given the level of Europe-wide competition and the low prices that smaller-scale dairy farmers get for their milk. Opponents – who staged a demonstration at the weekend - say it is bad for the environment and for local people. Jade Lindgaard reports on a clash of two farming cultures.