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Le Pen accuses Macron of leaking police report in EU 'fake jobs' case

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right Rassemblement National party (the former front National), has claimed media revelations of a French police report into her party's alleged 6.8-million-euro fraud of the EU in a ficticious jobs scam was a plot against her by President Emmanuel Macron's camp ahead of next year's presidential elections. 

Jail sentences for France's ex-PM Fillon and wife in 'fake jobs' case

Former French conservative prime minister François Fillon was on Monday handed a five-year prison sentence, with three years suspended, and his British wife Penelope was given a three-year suspended jail sentence, after a Paris court found the pair guilty of a scam in which Fillon paid his wife more than 800,000 euros as his parliamentary assistant for work she never did. 

Former French premier Fillon to face trial over fake jobs

Judges have said Fillon and his British wife Penelope  should face trial on charges including the misuse of public money and conspiracy.

How French MPs finally voted to clean up their act

Penelope and François Fillon: the 'fake jobs' affair highighted the fact that many MPs employed family members. © Reuters Penelope and François Fillon: the 'fake jobs' affair highighted the fact that many MPs employed family members. © Reuters

The much-trumpeted law to improve morality in public life and restore public confidence in the nation's elected representatives has passed its key hurdle in the French Parliament. The two key measures voted for by Members of the National Assembly were the ban on MPs employing members of their own family, and an obligation to produce receipts for expenses. After 50 hours of sometimes lively debate and 800 amendments, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour – even if some on the Right called it an act of “masochism”. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

Penelope Fillon faces formal investigation over 'fake jobs'

Presidential candidate François Fillon's wife is placed under investigation on suspicion of complicity in misappropriating public funds.

Fillon makes no promise to stay as pressure mounts for him to quit

Conservative candidate in French presidential election gave defiant speech in Paris on Sunday but appeared to leave his fate in hands of party.

Penelope Fillon says she did work for her husband

'If it hadn't been me, he would have paid someone else to do it, so we decided that it would be me,' she told newspaper as 'fake jobs' row goes on.

New blow for Fillon as spokesman quits

Thierry Solère's resignation adds to slew of notable departures, including campaign treasurer, from cosnervative candidate over 'fake jobs' row.

Allies start to desert him as Fillon vows to stay in election

Latest opinion poll shows that only 25 percent of people now want right-winger to continue as a candidate, as senior supporters jump ship.

Fillon stays in presidential race despite summons to face judges

Right-winger claims he is victim of a 'political assassination' as judges prepare to put him under formal investigation over fake job controversy.

France's Fillon asks prosecutor to drop 'fake work' inquiry

The allegations have seriously damaged right-winger Fillon's campaign for the presidency, sending his opinion poll approval ratings plummeting.

Fillon campaign donations are paid to his own 'private party'


Like many of leading French politicians, François Fillon has his own 'micro' party which is used to develop policy ideas and raise funds. But Mediapart can reveal that the micro party run by Fillon, whose candidacy for the French presidency has been rocked by the so-called “fake jobs” scandal involving his wife Penelope, is discreetly banking donations from members of the public supporting his official electoral campaign. “It's madness!” says one senior figure on the Right. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

France's Fillon under pressure to end presidential bid

Candidate has denounced a left-wing 'institutional coup d'état' as he faces mounting pressure to quit the presidential race over 'fake jobs' scandal.