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Paris attack victims demand answers from French government

In a 3-day hearing more than 1,000 people want details on how their loved ones died and how such a tragedy could have happened in Paris.

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The secret of France's baby boom

The key, say demographic experts, is combining idea of a modern family based on gender equality with effective government policies.

Protesters take to streets over French government's ‘familyphobia’

Demonstrators want guarantee that surrogacy and medically-assisted reproduction for lesbian couples will never be allowed in France.

Keeping it in the family – a fifth of French MPs employ their relatives


French MPs have recently been obliged to make public not just their financial interests but also who they hire to work for them. According to these official declarations and Mediapart's own research at least a fifth of all elected members of the National Assembly have employed a family member in 2014. Of these, 52 were spouses, 32 were daughters and 28 were sons. Mathilde Mathieu reports on the domestic world of French parliamentarians.

French interior minister's immigration comments spark outrage

Manuel Valls is once again at the centre of controversy after calling France's immigration policy and its relationship to Islam into question.