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French policeman shoots wife and children dead in train station

An off-duty police officer shot dead his wife and two of his children, aged three and five, before turning the gun on himself on the platform of a train station in Noyon, about 100 kilometres north of Paris, local public prosecutor Virginie Girard told reporters.

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How French MPs finally voted to clean up their act

Penelope and François Fillon: the 'fake jobs' affair highighted the fact that many MPs employed family members. © Reuters Penelope and François Fillon: the 'fake jobs' affair highighted the fact that many MPs employed family members. © Reuters

The much-trumpeted law to improve morality in public life and restore public confidence in the nation's elected representatives has passed its key hurdle in the French Parliament. The two key measures voted for by Members of the National Assembly were the ban on MPs employing members of their own family, and an obligation to produce receipts for expenses. After 50 hours of sometimes lively debate and 800 amendments, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour – even if some on the Right called it an act of “masochism”. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

Doctor slams online video of Frenchman in right-to-die row

Campaigners battling to stop medics switching off 38-year-old's life support system post a video of him supposedly responding to mother's voice.

French family of 11 believed to have left for Syria jihad

The family group, which includes a baby and other children, are believed to have left their home in Nice in late September.

Roma girl Leonarda Dibrani loses France residency bid

French court upholds the October expulsion of the teenager, her parents and six siblings to Kosovo which sparked major public controversy.

Four found dead in Bordeaux hotel room

A couple were found hanged and their children aged 13 and 16 had been poisoned, according to police who are investigating the family 'tragedy'.

'Culture clash' blocks Alps massacre investigation

French prosecutor says clues into the shooting of al-Hilli family last September may be in data stored on US internet servers, but is denied access.

John Kerry and his French connection

While US Secretary of State John Kerry's strong French ties have been hailed in France but used by Republicans in America to discredit him.

Five die in apartment fire in Paris suburb

Five people, including a child, were killed in an overnight fire that swept their apartment in the suburb of Gennevilliers, north of Paris.

New evidence emerges in French Alps murders case

New eye-witness evidence emerges of family massacre that left four dead, including initial crime scene and strange behaviour of victim days earlier.

One gun only used in French Alps massacre

A single weapon was used in the gunning down of four people, including a British family, in woodland near Lake Annecy in the French Alps.

French Alps shooting: live update of investigation

Embarassed officials explain why four year-old girl was left hiding under her dead mother eight hours after police found murder victims' car. 

Four dead in French Alps mystery shooting massacre of family from Surrey

Two young girls are the only survivors of a shooting attack on a holidaying family from Britain that left four dead in woodland in the French Alps.