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How French far-right eyes local election gains

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen casting her vote in the May 2019 European Parliament elections. © Reuters French far-right leader Marine Le Pen casting her vote in the May 2019 European Parliament elections. © Reuters

The French far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party, the renamed Front National, held its post-summer congress this weekend in the south-east town of Fréjus, when its leader Marine Le Pen set out the party’s policies ahead of municipal elections to be held across the country in six months’ time. The RN, which won the majority of votes cast in France in European Parliament elections in May, hopes to at last solidly establish itself at a local level, amid a fragmented political landscape in the country and notably the collapse of the conservatives. In this interview with Lucie Delaporte, French political scientist Sylvain Crépon, a specialist of far-right politics, analyses the party’s new strategy for the elections.

Five arrested in France over alleged plot to attack place of worship

Five alleged members of a neo-Nazi cell in France, two of them minors, have been arrested on suspicion of planning to attack a place of worship, a source close to the investigation told French media.

The Catholic fundamentalists in the shadows of France's far-right

By Nicolas Lebourg
Civitas chairman Alain Escada (centre) at a protest in front of the French parliament against the introduction of the same-sex marriage law, January 2013. © Reuters Civitas chairman Alain Escada (centre) at a protest in front of the French parliament against the introduction of the same-sex marriage law, January 2013. © Reuters

A party of Catholic fundamentalists, Civitas is one of France’s lesser-known far-right movements, overshadowed by the former Front National (now renamed the National Rally) led by Marine Le Pen. It wants to ban abortion, same-sex marriage and freemasonry, to repeal a 1905 law separating the Church and State and also anti-racist legislation, and takes as its model the regimes of General Franco in Spain and General Pinochet in Chile. After years as a pressure group, it officially became a political party in 2016, and this month held its annual summer conference on the theme of “Human rights versus the real country”. Here, historian Nicolas Lebourg traces its history and analyses its future prospects.

French and Italian far-right groups stage joint anti-migrant protest

The youth arms of France's Rassemblement national (National Rally) party, formerly called the Front National, and its far-right Italian ally, the League, staged a joint demonstration near the French-Italian border on Sunday to demand tough measures against what they said was the 'overwhelming' of Europe by migrants.

Revealed: story behind arrests of far-right activists in France

By , and Jacques Massey

Ten men, including a former gendarme, have been arrested across France for their suspected role in a plot to attack Muslims. Mediapart can reveal that one of the suspects had been setting up his own laboratory to make explosives. Matthieu Suc, Marine Turchi and Jacques Massey report on the story behind the dramatic arrests and the murky world of the far-right in France.

Ten far-right suspects arrested in France over 'plot to attack Muslims'

Arrests were made in operations across France but mainly on the island of Corsica, prosecution sources said.

Eight face probe over alleged plot targeting French politicians

The men, who include three minors, face investigation into claims far-right activists plotted to target both French politicians and mosques.

France's Front National in brainstorming rethink of policies and name

The far-right party, shaken by its collapse in support at the final post of May's presidential election, is holding a two-day closed-door meeting to debate what its leader Marine Le Pen called a 're-founding of the Front National', including a re-think of its policies that France should leave the eurozone and European Union, while also pondering a change of its name.

Marine Le Pen praises Brexit and Trump as heralding new 'order'

The far-right Front National party leader, who is standing as candidate in this spring's presidential elections in France, met in Germany with far-right leaders from across Europe, claiming that Brexit would “set the dominos falling" across the continent.

Far-right activists arrested in Calais after anti-migrant actions

Police arrested 14 people after they torched tyres and blocked bridges in the Channel port in protests against thousands of migrants gathered there.

Socialists pull candidates out of three regional election contests

The Socialist Party orders its third-placed candidates stand down for second-round vote to favour conservatives and block far-right Front National.

French socialists' struggle for direction

As far-right National Front party surges in polls for December local elections, French politics are relentlessly driven from the Right, argues NYT.

News agency sues far-right mayor of French town over use of refugee photo

Robert Ménard, mayor of Béziers, is sued by Agence France-Presse for misuse of photo in anti-migrant cover story on town hall magazine.

Mayor of southern French town causes outrage over Muslim pupil count

Robert Ménard, elected on a far-right ticket, said 64.6% of town's schoolchildren were Muslims after an illegal poll of childrens' first names.

Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen excluded from party

Le Pen, 86, is suspended from the far-right party he once led for repeating anti-Semitic jibes amid a row with its current head, his daughter Marine.