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French far-right make a meal of growing kebab outlets

The Front National party claims France is undergoing a 'kebabisation' that has even turned the historic town of Blois into 'an Oriental city'.

Scuffles as French far-right leader visits 'lawless' Calais

Marine Le Pen claimed the migrant crisis in the Channel port had made it 'no more than a jungle' where 'the rule of law no longer holds sway'.

Far-right wins its first-ever seats in French Senate

The Front National won two seats in Sunday's senatorial elections, when the socialists and their allies lost their majority in favour of the Right. 

The midnight hour approaches for France


The results in France of the European Parliament elections held on May 25th saw a landslide victory for the far-right Front National party, amid the disintegration of the Left and the collapse of the mainstream Right, choked by scandals and internal divisions. The worst-case scenario for French democracy is now an imminent possibility, writes Mediapart’s editor François Bonnet who argues here why, unless there is a major change to political dynamics, the far-right now has a real chance of taking the French presidency.

The Reporters Without Borders founder now a mayor with the French far-right

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Robert Ménard, co-founder of the renowned NGO Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières), which has mounted a fierce global campaign over almost a quarter of a century to promote freedom of expression and to defend journalists from persecution, was last weekend elected mayor of Béziers, a large town in southern France. But Ménard’s political ascension has proved to be a severe embarrassment for the NGO, for he was elected with the full backing of France’s far-right Front National party. With the help of Ménard’s former colleagues, Marine Turchi traces the bizarre path of the admired and reviled maverick activist whose early political affiliation was with a French Trotskyist party.  

French far-right mayors reinstate pork in school canteens

The Front National party, which since last weekend controls 12 French town halls, says no 'religious requirements' on menus will be tolerated.

Local election results show far-right now France's third political force

After first-round voting in municipal elections, the Front National party is hopeful of controlling the town halls of 15 medium-sized towns.

National Front aims for breakthrough in France’s local elections

Far-right FN may benefit from weak economy under François Hollande’s socialist government and centre-right opposition mired in scandals.

French Far Right hopes for major gains in European elections

Opinion polls and local election victory chart rise of the National Front, whose progress in France mirrors that of nationalist parties elsewhere.

French far-right sweeps to victory in local election

Decisive win came despite calls from President François Hollande’s Socialist Party for Left to rally behind conservative UMP candidate.

French far-right in pole position for EU election

Poll suggests Marine Le Pen's Front national could get 24% of vote in 2014 Euro elections and become most popular political party in France.

French govt left reeling by far right 'warning shot' in vote

Left candidate eliminated in first round as Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front top the polls in local council by-election.

Extreme right? Not us, says France's Le Pen

Leader of far-right Front national Marine Le Pen says she will consider legal action against those who label her party as 'extreme right'.

Marseille gang killings give Far Right an election springboard

Gangland killings in broad daylight on the streets of Marseille have handed the National Front party a platform to launch its far-right agenda.

Ex-French PM's 'strategic' softening on far right

François Fillon causes party row by calling for end to treating the far-right National Front as a political pariah, but analysts see it as merely a tactic.