France takes to the streets as disaffected voters turn to far-right

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Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of France in May Day rallies marked by calls for an end to President Hollande’s austerity policies.

Shining a light on the heartlands of the French far-right


While this year’s presidential elections in France saw the first return to power of a socialist administration in 17 years, it also landmarked a significant resurgence of the French Front National (FN) party, whose candidate and leader, Marine Le Pen, scored the highest share of the vote the far-right has ever reached in a presidential poll, attracting more than 6.4 million voters. But behind her national score, Le Pen arrived first-placed among the ten candidates in one out of six municipalities across the country. A French researcher has now completed a study of the populations where Le Pen did best, and his findings contradict a number of clichés about its grass-roots supporters. Michaël Hajdenberg and Mathieu Magnaudeix report.

Marine Le Pen loses battle for anonymity of mayor backers

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France's Constitutional Court rules that names of mandatory mayoral backers for Far Right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen must be made public.

Hollande slams Sarkozy's 'bad for society' wooing of far-right vote

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Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande attacks Nicolas Sarkozy for wooing far-right vote and using state ressources on unofficial campaign.

Front National leader Le Pen to campaign for French exit from euro

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Far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen has made leaving the euro one of the main planks in her 2012 presidential election programme.

Let Belgium's Walloons join France, says Front National leader

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French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says France could adopt francophone Belgium as a French region as a solution to Brussels' political crisis.