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Intruding fox killed by swarm of chickens on French farm

A young fox which entered a chicken coop containing several thousand hens has been found apparently pecked to death by the birds on a farm in Brittany.

Activists block 1,000-cow dairy farm in France

Protestors chain themselves to posts to stop building of farm in Somme which they liken to 'factory farming' and say will destroy the countryside.

Opposition grows to 'biggest farm ever built in France'


It is known as the farm of a thousand cows. Work has begun to build a huge dairy farm in northern France that will produce up to 8.5 million litres of milk a year and run a methane power plant. Supporters of the intensive farming project say it is the most efficient way to farm given the level of Europe-wide competition and the low prices that smaller-scale dairy farmers get for their milk. Opponents – who staged a demonstration at the weekend - say it is bad for the environment and for local people. Jade Lindgaard reports on a clash of two farming cultures.