Opponents of controversial Nantes airport protest against expulsion

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Demonstration attracted up to 20,000 people protesting against proceedings to evict inhabitants, including farmers, from planned site.

The growing tension between farmers and the French state


Two health and safety inspectors believe their car was deliberately sabotaged during a visit to a market gardener in west France, and are furious that prosecutors dropped their investigation. The affair highlights mounting tension between state officials and farmers as the latter protest about low prices and as the government tries to placate farmers' ire by telling officials to ease off on their inspections. Mathilde Goanec reports.

Government pledges more aid for farmers after Paris tractor protest

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Prime minister Manuel Valls promises up to €3 billion to help agriculture invest in modernizing production over next three years.

French farmers converge on Paris in prices protest

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Though tractors blocked major arteries into the capital, officials say they caused little disruption as farmers protested over prices.

Angry French farmers are invading Paris with an army of tractors

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Hundreds tractors set to flood the boulevards of Paris in Thursday as farmers protest over declining food prices and cheap imports.

French farmers block German, Spanish border roads

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In a continuing campaign of protests over poor earnings, farmers blocked farm imports into France claiming they represent unfair competition.

Road blocks ease but French farmers vow to continue with protest

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The blockade of France's second-largest city Lyon has ended, but union leaders threatened more protest action over low earnings in coming days.

French livestock farmers offered 1.1 bln-euro emergency aid package

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The measures include tax breaks worth 600M euros and loans worth 500M euros for the struggling farmers, 10% of whom face bankruptcy.

French government to unveil urgent measures to ease livestock farming crisis

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The move due Wednesday follows mounting protests, including road blocks, by farmers decrying retailers' and food processors' profit margins.

French farmers uneasy as EU ends 30 years of milk quotas

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France's dairy industry, which employs some 200,000 people, fears the sudden flood of extra milk will cause prices to collapse.

French farmers square off with protesters at contested dam project

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Farmers want project in south-west France to go ahead and say authorities are not doing enough to resolve situation or keep activists from site.

'Eat French' say fed-up farmers in country-wide protests

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Farmers fear that falling prices linked to Russia's import embargo and big harvests in the European Union this summer will cut incomes.

French PM calls for prosecutions after farmers' violent protest

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About 100 farmers in Morlaix, Brittany, set fire to in buildings, including a tax office, in a protest over falling vegetable prices.

French farmers 'overlooked' by election candidates

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The French presidential election campaign speeches have largely snubbed the country's farming community, once a key and targeted electorate.

The French farmers fighting the deadly pesticide taboo

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Last month, French cereal farmer Paul François, 47, won a lengthy legal battle against US biotech giant Monsanto in a landmark ruling by a court in Lyon that could open a floodgate of complaints by farmers for chemical poisoning. François was found to have become severely handicapped as a direct result of his contamination by Lasso, a powerful herbicide produced by Monsanto. France is Europe’s biggest user, by volume, of pesticides, and worldwide only India and the United States use more. For François and other campaigners seeking to alert farmers to the dangers of chemical-based phytosanitary products, their battle targets not only the clout of the industrial lobby and a reluctance of the medical profession to recognise the illnesses caused by pesticides, but also a silent taboo among the farming community itself. Claire Le Nestour reports.