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French mother reunited with daughter taken by alleged jihadi father

Meriam Rhaiem, 25, made headlines earlier this year with an emotional appeal to recognise her baby girl, aged 2, as 'the youngest French hostage'.

US father slammed over 'irresponsible' Mont Blanc stunt

Local official is furious after climber Paul Sweeny told US TV he climbed the mountain with his two young boys when an avalanche struck.

French father brings teenage son home from Syria jihad

The 16-year-old, who is now in police custody in France, headed to Syria to fight after telling his father he was going to a nightclub.


French police arrest British father over childrens' deaths

A 48 year-old divorced British man is being questioned by police in Lyon on suspicion of slitting the throats of his two children.

Father occupies crane to publicise custody battle

Two years after losing custody of his son, a father in Nantes, west France, scaled and occupied a towering shipyard crane in protest.