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How French intelligence tried to cover up failings over Catholic priest's murder

One of Adel Kermiche's online messages before he killed Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy in July 2016. © Document Mediapart One of Adel Kermiche's online messages before he killed Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy in July 2016. © Document Mediapart

Local police intelligence officers became aware of the growing threatening online messages of one of the two jihadists who killed Catholic priest Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy in July 2016 five days before the attack, but the information was not passed on to the national French intelligence agency, Mediapart can reveal. When the police intelligence unit later discovered this delay they doctored the files in a bid to make it look as if their original discovery was only made on the day of the attack itself. The French prosecution services have now opened an investigation into the affair. As Matthieu Suc reports, this claim of a blunder and attempted cover-up will raise fresh questions over the effectiveness of France's counter-terrorism operations.

Murdered French priest's sister rejects hate

President Macron also attended ceremony to mark annivesary of killing of Father Jacque Hamel, whose throat was cut as he celebrated mass.

Pope sets French priest murdered by IS on path to sainthood

Archbishop of Rouen reveals that Pope Francis has waived the usual five-year delay before sainthood process for Father Hamel can begin.

French church where priest was murdered reopens

Parishioners gathered for ceremony reopening church in northern France where Father Hamel was killed by teenage jihadists two months ago.

French survivor tells of Rouen priest's jihadist murder

Guy Coponet, forced by killers to film murder of Father Jacques Hamel in church at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, says: 'I can't get over it.'

Thousands gather for funeral of mudered French priest Jacques Hamel

French interior minister was among mourners for Normandy priest who had his throat cut when two jihadists stormed his church during Mass.

France priest killing: two men under investigation

Farid K, 30, a cousin of one of the killers, was arrested on suspicion of 'terrorist association', while other suspect allegedly tried to travel to Syria.

Tributes pour in for priest murdered in Normandy church attack

Retired priest Jacques Hamel, 86, who had served almost 60 years in the clergy and who continued to help the local church, was described as 'a good man'.