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French football federation boss target of sexual harassment probe

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Noël Le Graët, 81, the head of the French football federation who was this month forced to take leave from his post pending the outcome of an administrative inquiry into his alleged misconduct, has been formally placed under investigation in a judicial probe into his suspected sexual harassment of a football agent.

French footballers banned from wearing headscarves stage their own tournament

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Wearing a headscarf or hijab during a football match is authorised by the sport's world governing body FIFA. But they remained banned for official games in France. A group of Muslim women players are fighting against this discriminatory policy and are calling on the French football authorities, the Fédération Française de Football (FFF), to change their rules. As part of that battle the group, known as Les Hijabeuses, organised a football tournament on the outskirts of Paris. Mickaël Correia reports.

French football authorities fail to get onside to help young migrants integrate

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In the Paris region, western France and the French Alps, local initiatives are springing up to help young migrants, many of them unaccompanied minors, to get involved in football to help them integrate and find their feet in their new country. These projects are similar to a much-larger initiative that began in Germany in 2015 when that country took in nearly one million refugees. But as Mickaël Correia reports, the sport's ruling body in France - the French Football Federation - is doing nothing to help the process.