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Femen co-founder found dead in Paris flat

Ukranian Femen feminist protest movement co-founder Oksana Shachko, 31, whose militant actions angered several authoritarian regimes, has been found dead inside her Paris flat, where she reportedly left a suicide note.

Topless protesters disrupt Marine Le Pen's May Day speech

Activists interrupted French far-right leader’s address displaying slogans including 'Heil Le Pen' and 'Stop Fascism' on their breasts.

Topless activists acquitted over Notre Dame raid in Paris

Members of the group Femen had staged anti-Pope protest at famous French cathedral and been accused of degrading a place of worship.

Topless feminist in mock suicide stunt inside Notre Dame

Militant's torso carried the message 'May fascism rest in hell' in the stunt one day after a far-right historian shot himself dead at the cathedral's altar.