Femen co-founder found dead in Paris flat

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Ukranian Femen feminist protest movement co-founder Oksana Shachko, 31, whose militant actions angered several authoritarian regimes, has been found dead inside her Paris flat, where she reportedly left a suicide note.

Topless protesters disrupt Marine Le Pen's May Day speech

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Activists interrupted French far-right leader’s address displaying slogans including 'Heil Le Pen' and 'Stop Fascism' on their breasts.

Topless activists acquitted over Notre Dame raid in Paris

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Members of the group Femen had staged anti-Pope protest at famous French cathedral and been accused of degrading a place of worship.

Topless feminist in mock suicide stunt inside Notre Dame

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Militant's torso carried the message 'May fascism rest in hell' in the stunt one day after a far-right historian shot himself dead at the cathedral's altar.