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Macron the 'Sun President' and his parallel universe

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Monday June 21st marked the annual celebration of music in France known as the Fête de la Musique. But, says Mediapart co-founder François Bonnet in this op-ed article, the event was not celebrated in quite the same way by everyone. There was champagne and state honours for the rich and powerful at the Élysée on the one hand; and baton charges and tear gas for young people listening to music in the streets on the other. In what proved a bizarre juxtaposition, he argues, the French presidency managed to organise two entirely separate worlds, that only co-existed side by side thanks to social and police violence.

Thousands march in Nantes in memory of dead music fan Steve Caniço

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The 24-year old died a year ago after disappearing during a police charge at a Fête de la Musique party in the city in west France.