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Macron does not rule out sending fighter jets to Ukraine

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'Nothing is excluded in principle,' said French President Emmmanuel Macron after talks on Monday with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte when asked about the possibility of sending jets to Kyiv as it battles Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Dassault instructs staff to take evasive action over prickly questions


French aerospace group Dassault Aviation, designer and maker of the Rafale multi-role fighter plane and the Falcon business jet, has instructed its staff on how to respond to, and notably how to avoid directly answering, prickly questions over its weapons exports to "dictatorships" and its sales of private jets for carbon-rich travel by the wealthy few. Justine Brabant and Mickaël Correia reveal here the group’s bullet-point internal documents on how to evade the issues, and detail the hypocrisy of its PR campaign.

Rafale jets sale to India: Macron, Hollande and the blind eye of France's anti-corruption services

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In this second of a three-part series of investigations into the controversial sale by France to India of 36 Rafale fighter aircraft, Mediapart details how the then head of the French public prosecution services’ financial crimes branch, Éliane Houlette, shelved investigations into evidence of corruption behind the deal, despite the contrary opinion of her colleagues. France’s current president, Emmanuel Macron, and his predecessor, François Hollande, are cited in the allegations levelled in the case. Houlette has since justified her decision as preserving “the interests of France, the workings of institutions”. Yann Philippin reports. 

Greece to buy French jets and frigates as tensions rise in Med

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In contrast to other EU and Nato allies, France has strongly backed Greece in its burgeoning showdown with Turkey over hydrocarbon resources and naval influence in the waters off their coasts.

First five Rafale fighter jets leave France for India

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The first five of 36 Rafale fighter jets ordered by India from French constructor Dassault have left France for the Asian sub-continent, accompanied by a French plane carrying 70 respirators, 100,000 test kits and 10 military health professionals to help Indian efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inked Indian deal for Rafale fighters 'stalled': report

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April deal for 36 of the French jets is hit by dispute over unit prices and degree of manufacturing to be carried out in India, say informed sources.

French defence minsiter heads to New Delhi to save uncertain Rafale fighter deal

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Following a recent breakthrough deal to sell the Dassault jets to Egypt, Jean-Yves Le Drian will attempt to shore up a $12 billion deal with India.