The viral French film promoting the Covid-19 conspiracy theory

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Released online earlier this month, Hold-Up is a French pseudo-documentary which promotes the conspiracy theory that Covid-19 was created in a plot by a group of powerful individuals to reshape the world in their interests. Despite the absurdity of the idea, and its inability to produce evidence to support its case, the film attracted an audience of more than three million in the first week of its appearance. Lucie Delaporte reports on an exercise in manipulation of the gullible.   

French film on paedophile priest case opens after legal go-ahead

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François Ozon’s film Grace a Dieu (By the Grace of God), which tells the real-life story of how Catholic priest Bernard Preynat sexually abused young scouts the 1980s and early 1990s, opened in French cinema theatres on Wednesday after a Paris court ruled against a last-minute attempt by Preynat, who has yet to be tried, to halt its distribution, and also against a demand by a psychologist and member of the Lyon diocese that her name should be removed.  

Former homeless women star in new French comedy

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They star in award-winning story about sleeping rough in the north of France as a social work centre is threatened with closure.

‘Hurtful’ romantic film on Bataclan terror attack put on hold

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Petition in France halts TV broadcast of fictional love story about couple who meet during 2015 Paris attack in which 90 people died.

US trio who stopped Amsterdam-Paris train attack play selves in movie

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Three young American men –Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone – who overpowered a 25-year-old Moroccan national armed with an assault rifle on a Paris-bound Thalys high-speed train in August 2015 have been cast by Clint Eastwood to play themselves in a film about the events.

French delight as actress Isabelle Huppert wins award at Golden Globes

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She and veteran director Paul Verhoeven both picked up Golden Globes on Sunday for French-language rape-revenge thriller movie 'Elle'.

Film director Ken Loach stuns at Cannes 2016 with Palme d'Or win

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The 79-year-old Briton triumphed at the French film festival for the second time with his welfare state drama 'I, Daniel Blake'.

French journalist films terrorist cell planning attack on night club

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French TV channel Canal Plus broadcasts secretly recorded film shot over six months within group in France planning suicide attack.

Jacques Rivette, French New Wave film director, dies at 87

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Though Rivette never achieved celebrity status of François Truffaut or Jean-Luc Godard his often enigmatic work was revered by film fans.

Jihadi film that sparked censorship row in France given 18 certificate

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Directors of documentary Salafistes say their aim was to show reality of life under extremists in Africa and Middle East.

Moroccan actress star of prostitution film flees to France after street attack

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Loubna Abidar, who played a prostitute in Moroccan drama Much Loved, banned in the north-African country, was attacked in Casablanca.

Uggie, canine star of The Artist, is put to sleep

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The Jack Russell, which played Jean Dujardin's dog in The Artist and appeared in Water for Elephants, was suffering from a prostate tumour.

Cannes film festival 'turned away amputee in flat shoes'

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Stewards initially refused entry to film producer Valeria Richter, who has part of her left foot amputated, for wearing flat shoes but later relented.

Valérie Trierweiler's bestseller on Hollande relationship to be made into film

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Film based on former First Lady's scathing memoir about her stormy relationship with president will be produced by a close friend.

Luc Besson's Lucy breaks French film foreign box office record

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The thriller starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman has already been seen by more than 52 million people around the world.