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Paris court fines Uber 800,000 euros for running illegal service

The UberPop service, which no longer operates in France, connected clients via a smartphone app with non-professional drivers using their own cars.

Front National party founder fined over gas chambers comments

Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87, was convicted of contesting crimes against humanity with remark that WWII extermination gas chambers were "a detail" of history.

France fines Google over 'right to be forgotten'

French authority fines search engine giant 100,000 euros for not scrubbing web search results enough after European privacy ruling.

Suspended two-year jail term for Sarkozy interior minister Claude Guéant

The long-time chief of staff to former president was also barred from public office for pocketing more than 200,000 euros from police funds.

Former president Sarkozy named witness in election campaign fine probe

Sarkozy declared to be 'témoin assisté' in case, half-way between standard witness and being placed under formal investigation.

Sarkozy questioned over 2012 campaign fine

Investigation centres on claims UMP party should not have paid Sarkozy's fine after former president's 2012 campaign broke election spending limits.

Former French opposition leader Copé faces probe over Sarkozy fine

Jean-François Copé, former head of the UMP, is under formal investigation for misuse of funds after party paid Sarkozy's election fine.

US hands France's Alstom record 772-million-dollar bribery fine

The French engineering group admitted falsifying books to pay more than 75 million dollars in bribes worldwide for energy arm contracts.

US says Alstom, not GE, must pay 700m-dollar bribery fine

US justice department insists the French group should pay the fine and not General Electric which recently bought Alstom's power division.

The discreet lunch that threatens Hollande's top aide and former premier François Fillon

Jean-Pierre Jouyet et François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy et François Fillon © Reuters Jean-Pierre Jouyet et François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy et François Fillon © Reuters

The fallout from a private lunch between President François Hollande’s chief of staff Jean-Pierre Jouyet and former President Nicolas Sarkozy's prime minister François Fillon last summer is threatening to develop into a full-blown scandal. At the meeting on June 24th Fillon is said to have asked the socialist administration to speed up legal investigations into his former boss and now political rival Sarkozy. Jouyet, who served in Fillon's right-wing government but who is a close personal friend of Hollande, later told two journalists of the conversation. When the reporters published the story in a book last week Jouyet at first denied the claim then backtracked and insisted that Fillon had indeed asked him to intervene in the affair. Fillon, however, who like Sarkozy wants to be the Right's 2017 presidential candidate, has angrily accused Jouyet of “lies” and says he is suing for defamation. Once more, say Stéphane Alliès, Ellen Salvi and Mathieu Magnaudeix, the Elysée finds itself at the centre of an embarrassing affair, this time with the president’s right-hand man in the firing line.

Ex-French PM accuses top Hollande aide of lying over Sarkozy 'plot'

François Fillon denies renewed claims he tried to get Hollande's chief of staff to speed up a legal case against his rival Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ryanair faces 8.3 million-euro penalty for flouting French labour laws

The lowcost airline was found guilty of using Irish contracts for staff based in France, avoiding social insurance and state pension contributions.

Sarkozy faces new probe over 'illegal' payment of election fine

Investigation into 'breach of trust' over claims his UMP party wrongly paid ex-president's fine for exceeding election spending in 2012.


Swiss bank UBS could face five-billion-euro fine in France

Bank faces huge penalty if convicted of encouraging wealthy French citizens to set up dual accounts to hide cash in Switzerland.

French blogger fined for negative restaurant review

Caroline Doudet was fined 1,500 euros after Riviera restaurant owner complained her blogpost featured highly on Google searches.