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French parliamentary elections: Left closes in on Macron's majority

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As voting in France's legislative elections begins in a first round this weekend, opinion polls suggest the leftwing coalition led by radical-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon is narrowing the gap with Emmanuel Macron's centre-right alliance and threatening to overturn the newly re-elected president's parliamentary majority. 

French legislative elections: live reports as Macron party on path to landslide victory


French President Emmanuel Macron’s fledgling République En Marche (France on the move) party has convincingly won a majority of votes cast in Sunday’s first round of voting to elect a new parliament. With candidates in many constituencies now facing a second-round playoff next weekend, Macron’s REM party is predicted to win up to 455 seats out of parliament’s total of 577, amid a record low turnout of just one-in-two voters. Estimations place the conservative Les Républicains party far behind in second place, while the radical-left appears to have beaten the score of the Socialist Party which has suffered a humiliating trouncing by the REM in many constituencies. The far-right has failed to match its share of the presidential election vote, with estimates that it will win possibly as few as three seats. Follow here how the events developed through the night, with results and reactions as they came in. Reporting by Graham Tearse and Michael Streeter.

French election special: live reports as Macron and Le Pen are through to final round


Maverick centrist Emmanuel Macron has come first and far-right leader Marine Le Pen second in Sunday’s first-round voting in France’s presidential elections, setting up a knockout second-round contest between the two on May 7th. While the final results are yet to arrive, conservative candidate François Fillon and radical-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon were neck-and-neck in third and fourth place respectively. Socialist Party candidate Benoît Hamon came fifth with about 6% of the vote, a historically low figure for his party. Follow the results, reactions and analyses as they happened throughout the evening. Reporting by Graham Tearse and Michael Streeter.

Leftist Hamon leads French socialist presidential primary first round

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Former education minister Benoît Hamon, who left the socialist government led by prime minister Manuel Valls citing his opposition to its austerity policies, came ahead of Valls in the first of the two-round Socialist Party primaries to choose its candidate for next spring's presidential elections, with a final play-off between the two due in the final round next Sunday.

Low turnout for French socialist primaries

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Fewer voters took part in the first round of socialist primaries to choose a presidential election candidate than in the last contest in 2011, numbering 1 million at the end of the afternoon across 70% of polling stations.

French presidentials, round one: the final scores, the power balance, how the regions voted

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The final, official scores of the candidates in the first round of the French presidential elections show Socialist Party candidate François Hollande in the lead with 28.63% of votes cast, followed by Nicolas Sarkozy at 27.18%. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is in third spot, with 17.9% of votes cast. Radical-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon sits fourth with 11.11%, while centre-right MoDem candidate François Bayrou is in fifth position with 9.13%. Of the remaining five candidates, Green party EELV’s Eva Joly scored 2.31%, Gaullist conservative Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 1.79%, far-left NPA party candidate Philippe Poutou 1.15%, the far-left Lutte Ouvrière party’s Nathalie Arthaud 0.56%, while maverick right Jacques Cheminade of the Solidarité et Progrès party came last with 0.25%. The abstention rate among all registered voters is estimated at 21.53%, compared with 16.23% in the first round of the last presidential elections, in 2007. Mediapart presents a graphic guide to how the major candidates scored region by region, the number of votes cast for each, the power balance between Right and Left, and how the situation compares with previous elections. 

Hollande tops first round poll for final round duel with Sarkozy


Socialist Party candidate François Hollande and incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy are the winners of the first round of the French presidential elections held on Sunday, according to initial exit poll figures released after the voting ended at 8p.m. They gave Hollande, who took the overall lead, with between 27% and 29%, and Sarkozy with between 25% and 27%. The pair now go through to the final play off on May 6th. Meanwhile, far-right leader Marine Le Pen came in third position, with between 18% and 20% of the vote, the highest score ever obtained by her Front National party. It was a comfortable lead over her closest rival, radical-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who drew between 10.1% and 11.5%.