Florian Philippot

France's National Front number two quits as tensions split party

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Florian Philippot, seen as champion of party’s opposition to the euro, quit the party after being stripped of strategic and communications role.

France's National Front on verge of split after election setback

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Marine Le Pen’s relationship with former close aide Florian Philippot has become so strained experts say it has reached the point of no-return.

France's far-right Front National calls for EU referendum

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FN's Florian Philippot says French President François Hollande should 'follow the British example' and hold a vote on EU membership.

French Front National vice president 'outed' as gay

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Revelation by Closer magazine of Florian Philippot's relationship with a TV journalist sparks row in France over right to privacy.

Why France's Front National loathes freedom of the press


Marine Le Pen claims she is trying to make the far-right Front National more 'normal', a strategy that has perhaps contributed to her party surging ahead in opinion polls. One survey suggests that Le Pen would come top if the first round of voting in a presidential election were held today, whoever her main opponent. But behind the attempts to 'de-demonize' the FN lurks another reality – that of a party that still refuses to abide by democratic rules. Last weekend Mediapart's reporter was ejected from the party's youth conference, and this was not the first time this has occurred. Nor is it just Mediapart which is targeted – other media outlets and also academics have found themselves ostracised by a party which seems to fear the freedom of the press.