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France plans mass duck slaughter as bird flu hits foie gras

The H5N8 virus was first detected in a bird in a pet shop on the Mediterranean island of Corsica in November before spreading to duck farms on the mainland in December.

French avian flu outbreak prompts slaughter of thousands of birds

The discovery in parts of France of a particularly virulent form of the H5N8 virus, thought to be spread by migrating birds, has led to the slaughter of farmed ducks and geese just as foie gras producers were gearing up for their busiest sales season.

Pamela Anderson visit to French parliament causes a stir

Some MPs expressed disquiet at presence of the US actress and animal rights campaigner to back legislation outlawing foie gras production.

French 'losing taste for force-fed foie gras'

An opinion poll for a French animal rights group found almost half of those questioned support a ban on the force-feeding of geese and ducks.

France protests Amazon UK ban on foie gras

Online retailer has banned sale of foie gras on its British website following animal rights campaign accusing producers of 'very un-British' cruelty.

California’s Foie Gras Ban Prompts French Call for Retaliation

A politician in southern France is urging the nation’s restaurants to stop serving California wines in response to the U.S. state’s ban on foie gras.

French outrage at German food fair foie gras ban

French agriculture minister Bruno le Maire has threatened to boycott the opening of a major German food fair after it banned 'cruel' foie gras.