France moves to ban food waste in supermarkets

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Under new law supermarkets will be forced to donate any unsold but still edible food goods to charity or for use as animal feed or farm compost.

French celebrity chefs cook 'dustbin banquet'

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Michelin-starred chefs make meal for 5,000 entirely from ingredients rescued from bin to encourage people to throw away less food.

French chefs give thumbs down to 'homemade food' label for restaurants

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A new French law demands that restaurants indicate to clients whether their food is homemade or prepared industrially off-site.

Michelin guide puts France back on top

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France has caught up with Japan in the number of restaurants having three Michelin stars in this year's edition of the celebrated food guide.

Horsemeat scandal: France summons meat industry chiefs

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Producers, food processors, distributers, supermarkets and representatives from the food industry meet to discuss growing scandal.

Les rosbifs begin tickling French foodies' taste buds

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Former President Jacques Chirac once dismissed a country that eats so badly, but now the French are developing a taste for (some) British food.