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French govt ‘clean fracking’ idea is 'backdoor bid' for public support

Minister Arnaud Montebourg is said to back extracting shale gas using propane but Greens and many in ruling Socialist Party are opposed.

Fracking ban upheld by French court as constitutional

France's top court rules that the 2011 law outlawing the fracking method of extracting shale gas is within constitution.

French court to decide on US firm's challenge of fracking ban

A ruling is expected next month over Dallas company's claim that ban on oil- and natural-gas-drilling technique of fracking violates the constitution.

French fracking ban 'should be eased to assess shale reserves'

Dozens of exploration wells could be drilled in regions where seismic data has indicated promising reserves, a parliamentary commission said.

French bosses demand energy policies place industrial performance above the environment


Amid a six-month programme of national consultations commissioned by the French government to help define the country’s future energy policies, a conference organised by two leading business organizations in central Paris on May 17th provided a platform for company bosses to argue that energy transition strategies should first and foremost be concerned not with the environment but with industrial competitiveness. Jade Lindgaard reports.

US firm's legal action threatens French ban on shale gas


In 2011 the possibility of exploiting France's underground shale gas reserves seemed to be over with the passing of a new law banning the so-called hydraulic fracturing method of extracting it. Yet just two years later that ban is under challenge from an American energy company which claims it is unconstitutional. Jade Lindgaard reports on a legal counter attack by one small association to protect a law it believes is saving the environment from grave potential harm.

France can frack without destroying environment, minister says

Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg seeks way around presidential pledge to retain a ban on hydraulic fracturing of natural gas from shale.