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Senate blow for Macron as he pushes through unpopular reforms

Results show that the the centre-right Republican party is set to keep majority after vote for about half of the 348 seats in France's upper chamber.

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Brexit threatens French wine exports

French wine dealers say the effects of Brexit and plummeting pound are being felt from Burgundy to Bordeaux.

French beach police to be armed this summer

Decision to arm 100 of around 300 officers who patrol beaches follows the shooting of two police officers in suburb of Paris earlier this month.

French raid in Syria 'kills 12 child soldiers'

UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Sunday's strike on an IS camp in eastern Syria had also wounded about 20 fighters.

Teacher quits French school over ‘insidious Islamism’

But colleagues of teacher at Muslim faith school at Lille in north France signed a joint communiqué attacking his 'slanderous lies'.

Questions hang over Air France after pilots’ strike ends

Dispute could wipe out second quarter profits but some say that failure of striking pilots to win clear victory is good news for airline's future.

French al-Qaida 'recruiter' arrested in Tangiers

Suspect is described as veteran member of the international terror network now in charge of raising funds and manpower for fighting in Syria.

France takes to the streets as disaffected voters turn to far-right

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of France in May Day rallies marked by calls for an end to President Hollande’s austerity policies.

In colorblind France, rising diversity tests unity

The reality of many run-down residential areas raises questions about whether the French model of integration, long the nation’s pride, is wearing thin.