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French Muslims pay heavy price in COVID pandemic

Evidence collated by Reuters – including statistical data that indirectly captures the impact and testimony from community leaders – indicates the COVID death rate among French Muslims is much higher than in the overall population.

Anti far-right rally organisers claim 150,000 turnout across France

Organisors of a march 'for freedoms and against the far-right' held in cities across France on Saturday claimed a total  of 150,000 people turned out, answering a call from 110 orgnaisations, from leftwing parties to NGOs, to join a 'historic' rally. 

France to scale down military operations in Sahel region

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that France will reduce the size of its military mission in the West Africa region of the Sahel where it has been engaged since 2013 in operations against jihadist groups.

French emergency phone lines outage linked to three deaths

At least three people may have died as a consequence of delays caused by a national outage of emergency phone lines across France beginning Wednesday afternoon and lasting until early Thursday. 

Macron embarks on 'pulse of nation' tour of France

French President Emmanuel Macron this week began a six-week 'tour de France' with a trip to the south-west  of the country, presented by his staff as an attempt to better understand the grass-roots concerns of the nation but which political observers regard as the beginning of his campaign for re-election in 2022.

Why Africa's Great Green Wall has become Macron's latest pet cause

Chad's stand at the COP21 climate summit at Le Bourget, near Paris, December 2nd 2015. © Eric Feferberg/AFP Chad's stand at the COP21 climate summit at Le Bourget, near Paris, December 2nd 2015. © Eric Feferberg/AFP

The Élysée portrays the plan to create a huge swathe of greenery across the Sahara and Sahel as the ultimate solution to the problems of unemployment, lawlessness and desertification in that part of the African continent. However, the French presidency's sudden interest in the Great Green Wall project – which was officially endorsed by the African Union back in 2007 - also has ulterior motives. And as Fanny Pigeaud reports, some experts are sceptical about its benefits.

Protest in France in support of regional languages

Protestors are unhappy over recent rejection by French constitutional court of parts of a law intended to protect regional languages. 

France to help Africa boost Covid-19 vaccine production, says Macron

At a news conference with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in Pretoria, the French head of state said Africa made up around 20% of the world’s need for vaccines but only 1% of vaccine production.

Rwanda's Kagamé says relations with France are on the mend

However, when asked if an apology would be a further important gesture Kagamé, who was in Paris for a summit on post-pandemic financing for African nations hosted by President Emmanuel Macron, responded: 'I think so.'

French cinemas prepare to re-open amid huge backlog of films

French cinemas are due to re-open next week after lockdown measures last October blanked out screens across the country, but along with strict regulations that will limit their seating capacity to a third of the normal they must also juggle with presenting dozens of films that have queued up for release.

Farmer modifies Belgium-France border for tractor path

A farmer redrew the France-Belgium border by moving a century-old border stone to allow his tractor to pass.

France arrests ex-members of Italy extremist group Red Brigades

The seven, and three other Italians still being sought, had been convicted of terrorism charges in Italy dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.

France spent €26 billion in 2020 to bail out its tourism industry

France is currently experiencing its third lockdown as the government bets that by sacrificing the Easter holidays it can save the summer vacation period. 

Former colonial power France feels loss after death of Chad's president

Fench defence minister Florence Parly said Chad’s slain leader Idriss Déby had been an essential ally in the fight against terrorism in the Sahelregion of Africa.

France kicks off Europe's vaccine donations to poorer states

The French donation of an initial 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine this month, announced on Wednesday, is a boost for the international COVAX scheme.