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France, US agree truce over digital tax dispute

The dispute which began last year with France's planned levy of up to three percent on revenues earned by US tech companies in France, and which Washington  threatened to retaliate against with higher tariffs on imports of French goods, de-escalated this week with both sides agreeing on negotiations that may continue throughoiut the year.

Netflix opens new Paris office as it expands French production

US streaming giant Netflix on Friday inaugurated a vast new office in Paris and announced a catalogue of new content for its market in France, where it currently claims 6.7 million subscribers, as well as further production partnerships.

France joins Germany, UK to trigger dispute mechanism over Iran deal

France, Germany and the UK have set in train a dispute mechanism allowed in a 2015 deal over Iran's nuclear programme, following Tehran's decision to remove limits to its production of enriched uranium which can be used in the making of nuclear weapons.

France's digital minister says tax on big tech is just the start

Cédric O says French will not back down on levy despite US threats of trade war and that tax is just tip of the iceberg in terms of new regulations needed to deal with powerful tech giants.

Poland's past colonial dreams shed light on East and Central European regimes of today


An exhibition in Paris reveals Poland's now forgotten colonial ambitions in the 1930s. In doing so, it makes a link between past Polish attitudes to colonies and other peoples and the racist reflexes of some governments in Central and Eastern Europe today. Ludovic Lamant reports.

France's shameful silence over Khashoggi murder trial verdicts


The trial in Saudi Arabia of 11 men accused of murdering journalist Jamal Khashoggi in November 2018 ended on December 23rd with the death sentence pronounced against five of the defendants. “These verdicts are the antithesis of justice: the hit men are sentenced to death, potentially permanently silencing key witnesses, but the apparent masterminds walk free,” said UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, Agnès Callamard. In this opinion article, Mediapart Middle East specialist René Backmann denounces the lack of reaction to the verdicts from France, which the very same day loaded three armed vessels, the first in a deal for 39, onto a freighter bound for Saudi Arabia.

French administration allowed to trawl social media for tax cheats

France's constitutional court has given the go-ahead for the tax administration to check scial media users' profiles, posts and pictures for evidence of undisclosed income, but that that password-protected content was off-limits and that  only public information pertaining to the person divulging it online can be targeted.

French forces in Mali carry out country's first drone strike

France's military command has announced the first drone strike carried out by its forces, which ocurred during counter-jihadist operations in Mali at the weekend, just two days after testing had finished on the remotely-piloted Reapers for armed operations.

Ex-pat Briton to be extradited to France for TV producer's murder

Ian Bailey, 62, an expatriate British former journalist living in Ireland who was found guilty in absentia by a Paris court for the murder in 1996 in County Cork of French TV producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a crime he denies, has been ordered to be extradited to France by Dublin's High Court.

More than 650 French hospital doctors threaten to quit over funding

In an open letter published in the press, 660 French public hospital doctors have threatened to resign unless the health ministry opens urgent talks to redress funding shortfalls that have caused severe disruption to services and the departure of staff towards the private sector.

France braces for further strikes over pension changes

Transport chaos continues as French government stands firm in face of nationwide protests over planned reforms.

Resignations and cuts leave France's feted theatre scene in crisis

Prominent figures in French theatre are vacating their posts amid tough public budget cuts that suggest the country's cultural scene is losing its once cherished status with central and local authorities.

France braced for massive national strike action beginning Thursday

French transport workers, joined by a large swathe of public employees from teachers to rubbish collectors, and also private-sector staff, are to hold a national strike beginning on Thursday against the govenment's planned reforms of the pension system, expected to be the largest walkout in more than two decades and which is likely to last several days or, in some branches, even weeks.

France cancels speedboats delivery to Libyan coastguard

The French government has finally announced it will not supply the Libyan coastguard with six speedboats destined to be used against clandestine crossings to Europe after several NGOs mounted a legal challenge to the sale, arguing that France was contributing to human rights violations in Libya where captured migrants face notorious internment camps, torture and being used as slave labour.

France pays tribute to 13 soldiers killed in Mali

Members of the public joined with military personnel to pay homage in Paris on Monday to 13 French soldiers killed in Mali when their helicopters collided while on a night-time mission to track down Islamist fighters early last week.