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French expats to get their own MPs

The 2.5 million French people who live abroad will be allowed to vote in 11 foreign constituencies, with London representing a crucial battleground.

Turkey accuses France of genocide in Algeria

Turkey has accused France of genocide during its colonial occupation of Algeria, after French parliament outlawed denial of 1915 Armenian genocide.

French foreign minister plays down cross-Channel spat

Alain Juppé tries calming tensions between London and Paris by insisting there was no French strategy to antagonise the British over economy jibes.

More French flight delays as security staff strike continues

Flights from Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport and Lyon's Saint-Exupery airport continue to be disrupted as security staff strike enters fourth day.

Turkey warns France over genocide bill

Franco-Turkish relations are nearing crisis point amid increasingly strained ties between Ankara and the European Union.

UK deputy PM Nick Clegg slams French PM Fillon for 'unacceptable' comments

British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told the French prime minister that steps should be taken to "calm the rhetoric" on the UK economy.

Fitch revises outlook on France to 'negative'

Ratings agency Fitch has affirmed France's top-notch AAA credit rating but has revised its outlook on the country to "negative" from "stable".

Angry salvos sail across the Channel on euro pact

To the long list of victims emerging from Europe's financial crisis, make room for a new one, namely the Entente Cordiale between Britain and France.

Britain and France and their most un-seasonal greetings

We are all in the same sinking boat and France and the UK would be wise to focus on rowing in the same direction, argues a Guardian editorial.

Venezualan 'Carlos the Jackal' given life sentence for 1980s French attacks

French court gives life sentence to self-styled revolutionary 'Carlos the Jackal' for organising four deadly attacks in France in the 1980s.

France targets UK credit rating

France's Prime Minister François Fillon and central bank chief broke protocol to say the ratings agencies should target London before Paris.

France pledges return to Libya of frozen assets

France pledges to release 230 million euros to Libyan authorities in the next few days and to help them recover the rest of their frozen assets worldwide.

Nationality, citizenship and a foreigner's right to vote in France


Early December, the Left majority in the French Senate passed a bill to give non-EU nationals the right to vote and to stand as candidates for the position of councilor in local, municipal elections. The bill stands no chance of becoming law before the 2012 presidential and legislative elections, as it would require adoption by the current Right-majority in parliament's lower house, and the approval of President Nicolas Sarkozy. But a Socialist Party victory in next year's polls could see the bill finally introduced as law, ending several decades of campaigning, notably by representatives of France's large North African immigrant community. Carine Fouteau met with Hocine Taleb, a 32 year-old Algerian who runs a youth association in a Paris suburb, who explains his anger and frustration at being excluded from local decision-making.

France, for a moment, becomes focus of digital optimism

Sacrebleue, last week it seemed that France had stopped worrying and learned to love the internet, comments NY Times writer Eric Pfanner.

France sends Manuel Noriega to Panama to serve 20 year jail term

Drug-running former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega has been sent home from France to serve 20 years in jail for murders of political opponents.