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France warns more strikes will meet any further use of chemical arms

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Saturday that the air strikes by the US, France and Britain on Syrian targets overnight were 'proportionate and targeted' and warned that they would be repeated if the Damascus regime used chemical weapons in the future, but also insisted that France will pursue diplomatic channels to help reach an end to the Syrian civil war.

US, France and UK launch strikes on Syrian 'chemical plant' sites

France has joined the US and Britain in attacks overnight Friday against sites in Syria identified as production plants for chemical weapons, in response to a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian rebel-held town of Douma last week.

Saudi crown prince ends France visit with deals worth 14.5bln euros

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman concluded a three-day official vist to France on Tuesday, when a series of draft deals were signed with French companies for petro-chemical, agriciultural, waste treatment, healthcare, tourism and cultural projects worth a total of 14.58 billion euros, which are expected to be finalised during a visit to the Saudi kingdom later this year by President Emmanuel Macron.  

France's €340m plan to improve rights of people with autism

France's treatment of autistic people had been denounced by UN and described as being ‘50 years behind’ rest of world.

Proposed Mona Lisa 'grand tour' of France could cost £30m

Plans to take painting on tour now 'on back burner' after Louvre came up with 'astronomical' figure in transport costs and lost tourist revenue. 

France plots new non-EU European military crisis force

New force would not be within the European Union and would allow non-EU, such as Britain, to be part of it, said French defence source.

France plans to cut number of MPs by a third before next election

Latest reform proposals from President Macron's government include electing 15% of lawmakers via a proportional representation system.

Sarkozy and Libya: how UN resolution was hijacked

Aftermath of the French and allied intervention in Libya: Benghazi in March 2018. © Reuters Aftermath of the French and allied intervention in Libya: Benghazi in March 2018. © Reuters

The role of President Nicolas Sarkozy in the military intervention in Libya in 2011 that led to the removal from power and death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 continues to raise many unanswered questions. The original United Nations mandate that Sarkozy and certain other leaders obtained was subsequently hijacked and use to change the regime. As a result the country was left in chaos, helping to empower jihadist groups across various African countries who are still suffering instability as a result. President Emmanuel Macron considers the intervention to have been a “major error”. But is he ready to identify those responsible for it? René Backman reports.

France to lower school starting age from six to three

Change will only affect a small number of children, as most French families already send their children to nursery school aged three or even two.

Killing of Holocaust survivor raises anti-Semitism fears in France

Prosecutors probe whether anti-Semitism was a motive for killing of Mireille Knoll who was stabbed 11 times and left in her burning Paris flat.

Pesticides blamed for 'catastrophic' decline in French bird population

Two scientific studies have found that the bird population in France has fallen by as much as a third over the past 15 years, and in some regions by two-thirds, a situation described as 'catastrophic' by one biologist involved in the research and which is believed to be due to the decline in insect numbers due to the use of pesticides.

How Sarkozy's dealings with Gaddafi went unchecked

Nicolas Sarkozy with then-president François Hollande at a ceremony marking V-E Day on May 8th 2013. © Reuters Nicolas Sarkozy with then-president François Hollande at a ceremony marking V-E Day on May 8th 2013. © Reuters

The placing under investigation of Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday for corruption, embezzling public funds and illegal electoral funding by the regime of late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has come about as the judicial investigation is in its fifth year, and seven years after Mediapart first revealed the former conservative president’s dealings with Tripoli. During the entire period, which includes five years of socialist government, the political powers have regularly turned their backs on the disturbing questions raised by the mounting evidence of Sarkozy’s dubious relations with the dictator, and also the circumstances of France’s subsequent military intervention in Libya, to the point of dismissing repeated calls for a parliamentary inquiry. Antton Rouget reports.

Israel arrests French consulate driver on gun smuggling charges

Romain Franck, 23, an employee with the French consulate in Jerusalem, was one of nine people arrested for their involvement in an alleged arms trafficking ring, in which the Frenchman is accused of using his consular vehicle to transport a total of 70 handguns and two assault rifles to the West Bank.

France tells national media to halt all travel to Syria

The French foreign ministry has written to the country's news organisations urging that due to the 'upsurge' in violence in Syria, 'in particular eastern Ghouta and the Afrin region' they should suspend sending staff to the war-torn country.

How the UK's poorly health service quietly outsources to France

Britain's struggling National Health Service, which pro-Brexit leaders misleadingly promised would recieve a windfall from the country's exit from the EU, is discreetly sending patients on lengthy waiting lists for far quicker treatment in France, like this Brexit supporter who, facing a year to have knee surgery, found relief in just ten days.