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French presidential candidate François Fillon pelted with flour

Former PM was on way to stage at event in Strasbourg when man in T-shirt with words 'Students for Fillon' emptied a packet of flour on his face.

Is this French presidential election's unpredictability really so unusual?

The five main candidates at a televised debate on TF1 on 20th March, 2017. © REUTERS The five main candidates at a televised debate on TF1 on 20th March, 2017. © REUTERS

The chatter about the French presidential election focuses on the likely high abstention rate, the record number of undecided voters, a possible last-minute surge by the Right and whether one can trust the polls. In particular, just under three weeks from the first round of voting, the talk is of how unpredictable and hard to forecast this 2017 election is. But, Hubert Huertas, argues it is no more unpredictable than usual. It is just that when it comes to the mood of voters, the rules have changed.

Fillon runs egg-throwing gauntlet as Macron increases lead

An opinion survey this weekend confirmed centrist French presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron as frontrunner in both rounds of the voting, while scandal-hit conservative candidate François Fillon, hanging on in third position despite a fall in poll ratings, was met by roudy protestors during a campaign visit to south-west France.  

Hollande slams Fillon claims he runs secret cell

Scandal-hit conservative presidential candidate François Fillon, mired in graft scandals and under investigation for fraud and misusing public funds, claimed that his predicament was the work of a secret plot by socialist president François Hollande, who has firmly dismissed the 'untruthful allegations'.

Kremlin says report of Fillon fee for Putin meeting is 'fake news'

A Kremlin spokesman said revelations that French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon received, via his consultency firm, 50,000 dollars to introduce a Lebanese pipeline construction tycoon to Russian President Vladimir Putin 'is what in English we call fake news'.

Graft probe widens into French presidential candidate Fillon

The judicial investigation into suspected misappropriation of public funds by conservative presidential candidate François Fillon has been widened to include suspected forgery, while new press revelations allege he was paid 50,000 dollars in 2015 to introduce a Lebanese businessman to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

French presidential candidate Fillon formally placed under investigation in fraud case

François Fillon. © Reuters François Fillon. © Reuters

The French conservative party’s presidential candidate, François Fillon, was on Tuesday formally placed under investigation for the suspected fraudulent payments made by him out of public funds to his wife and two of his children who he employed as parliamentary assistants. While the move was widely expected, it is a major new blow for the former prime minister who was the election frontrunner until the alleged fake jobs scandal emerged in January. Meanwhile, further press revelations since the weekend include the disclosure that his children paid him regular sums of money from their salaries as his assistant, and that a mysterious benefactor has gifted him over the past five years with luxury clothing worth more than 48,000 euros.

Struggling Fillon hit by 'gifts of luxury clothing' report

French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon, already engulfed in a scandal over allegations he gave his wife and children 'fake jobs' paid from parliamentary funds, has partially confirmed press reports that a wealthy benefactor had bought him luxury clothing worth more than 48,000 euros.

Fillon's party apologizes for anti-Semitic attack on rival Macron

His party had tweeted image of independent candidate with a hooked nose, top hat and carrying a red sickle with which he was cutting a cigar.

François Fillon 'did not declare loan in 2013'

Candidate's lawyer said the 50,000 euro loan from businessman Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière did not need to be declared and had been repaid.

French party officials 'unanimously back' Fillon candidacy

Leader of right-wing Les Républicains party Bernard Accoyer said the party had reunited and was re-launching Fillon's scandal-hit campaign.

Juppé says he will not replace scandal-hit Fillon in French election

Former PM Juppé, seen as Fillon's most likely replacement if latter quit over 'fake jobs' row, attacked rival's 'obstinacy' but says he will not run.

Fillon makes no promise to stay as pressure mounts for him to quit

Conservative candidate in French presidential election gave defiant speech in Paris on Sunday but appeared to leave his fate in hands of party.

France's dying Fifth Republic reduced to a human interest story

François Fillon's presidential campaign has descended into a grim farce. François Fillon's presidential campaign has descended into a grim farce.

The French Republic is in its death throes, having been taken hostage by a maniac – François Fillon - who is riding roughshod over the legal system, insulting the press, scorning his own elected representatives and calling on divisive factions for help. Having destroyed political parties, corrupted Parliament and having undermined voting itself, the Fifth Republic is now reaching the climax of its democracy-destroying operation. It is time to get rid of it, writes Mediapart's editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel, before it is too late.

Fillon deserters plead for Plan B, but the election clock is ticking

Some French conservatives want Alain Juppé to replace Fillon as presidential candidate but the election rules mean time is fast running out.